It’s Bad Shot Day On Woody Boater!


The “man it’s rough out here” shot

We all have standards and what the good are standards if they cant be broken. So Calling all bad half feet fat person in the foreground shots today! Have a person from the back but cool boat anyway? Lets see it. How about a bad reflection?


Dam flag! – What a stinky shot

Ugly Uncle who ruins every shot? Lets see it! How about that grey out of focus blob in the Garage photo you used trying to sell your boat and are shocked no one responded? Lets see it…if we can. So why bad Shot Day? Well thanks to the good shot folks at Classic boating Magazine, they are asking for readers to submit shots from shows.


This months edition

Well, Mr Classic Boating guys. You asked for it. We will pick a winner today for sure. Like the so out of focus you wonder if you have cataracts, cause didn’t the shooter see that?


Texx’s classic! his seeing eye dog shot this one!

Or the dear god man, are you sure we all want to see your daughter that way shot. Yes is the answer, but you may regret it, and she surly will.


The water is kinda in focus – photo Texx

Basically you can comment today with any shots that break these rules from our Pals at Classic boating, who apparently have standards!  HAHAHAHAAHAHAH! What are those on a wonderful day like today!


Break these rules, save the good ones for them.

So much for #4 don’t shoot backs of people. By the way one of my favorite shots.



Just a boat load of guys out boating – Photo Texx


Its the water..Oh yeah. Makes you just drool and want to share doesn’t it? BTW, this is a shot from the ACBS International in Muscoka! Never mind the amazing boats and boat houses. Its the water you want to see.


Well, there we are on a magic boat at a magic time and we are looking at our dam phones! Dane Anderson photo


Yeah, That happened – Dane Anderson photo


Ok, this one may noit work for classic boating, but it sure makes me smile


Oh Mr Bortner. – Dane Anderson photo


Back of people. -Dane Anderson photo


There is a boat in there someplace – Dane Anderson photo


mmm, the Cobra is right behind you! – Dane Anderson photo


What the hell is that light pole doing there. -Dane Anderson photo


Ova here!


Really? We call this Aft and Ass – Dane Anderson photo


Glamorous? Nice Dane – Dane Anderson photo



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  1. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    I knew I should have saved all those “BAD” shots, for a rainy day like today. Finally found one, that has at least three no-no’s in one shot; Legs in picture, cut the head off the person, and only got a small part of the intended boat I was wanting to shoot…

  2. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Somewhere in this photo was a boat, complete with pilot and passenger. All I see is blurry water and evidence the camera was WAY off level. Taken by a wobbly photog with bad timing. Me.

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t just delete all my not so good shots. Thanks for the great entertainment today – will have to look again this evening for more!

  4. Antique Boat Museum
    Antique Boat Museum says:

    When your passengers are either way too over excited OR focused on getting their own photo.

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