It’s Gift Giving Idea Week At WoodyBoater. Darrell Bush Art Sale.

Original commissioned Painting for John Allen

It’s that time of year, gift giving hell. Why you say? Well, as it turns out, you are impossible to find gifts for. Yes, you. Trust me, ask anyone that loves you. If you have a classic boat in the barn/garage/ living room, you have reached the edge of the universe of stuff that you want. I mean who says, lets get Dad a ANOTHER boat as a gift? Actually in Woodyboaterville it’s a normal thought.. Which in itself is therapists dream. But lets move on from the obvious to what in the heck do you get you as a gift… Okay, wait, see the idea here is you tell your family to read this week, to get ideas.. Okay, we all get the concept here.

SWEET WATER, but you can have your own name on it. SWEET!

Well, how about a painting of your boat or a cool print, with your boat name on it? That’s right. Darrell Bush has a very cool way of putting the name of your boat on one of his paintings and making it personal. Or if you ask fast, he may have a bit of time to do a small original.

The detail is jaw dropping and very nice

NOW, see, you get your extra boat, and the family doesn’t have to give up the living room space for it, just a little bit of wall space. Maybe it’s a dream boat you always wanted, a barrel back, and you already have a name picked out. Put it on the painting and make it a focused dream..

Amazing! And shockingly affordable. Click to the Darrell’s website below..

You can incorporate your home in a custom painting.

Okay this part, you keep to yourself. So family click away, nothing here for you too see, we are gonna talk Philips Head screws vs Reed and Prince….

So see this screw is original and contains a balance of metals and symmetrically fluctuated head and fine thread pattern  allowing….

Have they left yet? That usually does it.. Good, lets say you want a barrel back, and the family is struggling with the concept. I mean you just got a 25 Sportsman already you greedy pig….. Anywhooo, ask for the painting with your name, and put it on the wall.

Darrell sent us this as a sample. A year ago…

Socialize the “Concept” start small. Darrell has small ones, then as time goes on, order one of the larger ones, then larger, and larger, slowly move the painting out into the garage, trust me they will be happy that there isn’t a 16 ft painting in the living room..AND THEN . One day there is a real 16 Barrel back in the garage/living room.. Its genius. AND IT WORKS!

What boat?

They wont even notice for a month or so.. Or until you have to pay your kids first collage tuition bill.. But you’ll have the boat.. Your kids are young, they will figure it out. This is a life lesson for gods sake.. And to think, it all started with a Darrell Bush Holiday Sale for a painting.. WOW..


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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da UP) says:

    I really like Darrells paintings. As they say in the art world “he puts you there”. If I had the extra funds I would have him do a painting of my cabin.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Today’s header is gorgeous! Chad, are you sure that’s not a puzzle? Laughing my butt off at yesterday’s comments – just got time to read yesterday’s post. Because yesterday I was busy woody boating! Was 59 degrees here on Craig’s Creek Lake, KY. But sunny & calm. Besides, we needed to test the new solenoid! Forecast says winter arrives here Thursday.

    • Chad
      Chad says:

      My brain meant “puzzle” and my hands typed “calendar”.

      (my brain also envisioned the photo being vertical)

  3. Mike Sufka
    Mike Sufka says:

    Darrell does a wonderful job. I had two of his wood boat paintings and then my girlfriend commissioned him to do “Torpedo” for me. “Torpedo” is me in my 1939 Barrelback ( 19 ft ), with my old 1948 17′ Deluxe ( now sold ) and my 28 Skater on the dock in front of the Wharf, our favorite restaurant on the Whitefish Chain, MN.


  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    Whoa, I noticed that there were no bumpers hanging off the boat, or fender pads on those pilings, to protect all that beautiful varnished mahogany!!!!!!

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