It’s National Doughnut Day! You Know What That Means! DOUGHNUTS!



Yup, this is a real day! Started in 1938! So it even has a history. And today, we celebrate with boats doing doughnuts. mmmmmm. Which are non fattening, and you can enjoy them all day long, and good for your heart, but only if, you blow off your Zoom meeting and go doughnut boating!

Yup! It’s real!

plastic doughnuts

mmm Italian doughnuts

Outboard doughnuts

mmmm YNOT doughnuts

Continental doughnut

Silver Arrow doughnuts

Doughnut joy

Big doughnuts

Hydro Doughnuts


Skiff doughnuts

Hacker doughnuts

Tahoe doughnuts

Oh! I could take a chomp on this doughnut

Century Doughnut

GlenL doughnut

Thunderbolt doughnut

More YNOT doughnuts

We need more young doughnuts

So get out there! It’s the weekend.. ish

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    How about a Racer Doughnut from the cover of The Brass Bell!

    Photo by Kent O Smith Jr.

  2. Ned Protexter
    Ned Protexter says:

    Its all fun and games until you snap a rudder.

    That last picture is of a couple ding dongs, not donuts.

  3. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    If you go round and round in same spot,one can actually dig a hole in the water or if towing a skier,try dragging that person through the converging wakes.

  4. Karl Hoffman
    Karl Hoffman says:

    Several weeks ago my 13 year old grandson was doing doughnuts with a 9 foot Livingston and an 8 HP Johnson. The Johnson came detached and went swimming but fortunately was attached to safety line. He was afraid he was in big trouble but we turned it into a life lesson and with some basic tools and WD 40 we had it up and running in less than an hour.

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