It's not a classic boat, its a work of art.

Lets face it, there is no rational reason to own or use a woody boat. It’s all emotion. Other than the sheer beauty of seeing one live, is seeing one in an ad or poster. In fact all the art that surrounded these crafts is done in a light hearted fun way. It’s a collective art movement designed to take you away from the world you are in. It was also during a time were reproducing photography was tough. So illustrations were used and design elements. All these styles of graphics were more metaphorical than actual crist p photraphy. This sort of art is much more powerful than a photo. It captures the emotion. And that is what we are in love with when we go about this passion. Embracing the art, the attitude is all part of it. Dressing a little better, being polite, are all part of the dream.
If you think of signs, name plates Decals and ads as art, then this is a very inexpensive way to collect art. While it is slowly gaining in value. Most of this art can be found at flea markets, old marinas and old magazines. One of the best places to get quick art is Motor Boating Magazines from the 30’s -60’s They are not only a treasure trove of imagery but still relevant to the woody world. Picking one up today, its just a new as the day it was mailed. Just more expensive.