It’s Sausage Sunday!


Is he related to SEEMORE BUTTS?

if you are here just now and wondering what in the hell is Sausage Day? It’s an ongoing feature, where we take all the lips and snouts of incomplete stories and place them all together and make… well, sausage.That and that time Troy posted a photo of a woman dressed in Sausage that caused so much uproar! Classic stuff!

Not her. This is the tame one!.

We have even had a naming day, and Sausage Day seemed to be the winner. but who could tell, the comments were all over the place. Which is the best part of the day. Let it fly today and hope you enjoy some good sausage made of Mahogany, varnish, and old printing ink!

Baby geese outside my home! Can we have an AWWWWWW. And yes, because this is a cruel world. We have this video!

Okay then,

lets move on!

Love vintage post cards

This is just a strange illustration. The creepy pump guy talking to the daugeter, The father who is obsessed with the small tank? The BORON sign

How cool would it be to actually have that devil tail?


Jet boats and Whisky? Somehow not sure if this would fly in todays world.

Dog day! Capt Ruby is in charge

Old photos and brouchures!

I look bored. I am bored, but love that dam trawler. The Boatress loves the trawler, the dogs love the trawler, the neighbors love the trawler. So, maybe I am happy!

Deaf, stares at walls for hours and pees all over the place. 15 year old Pepe. We love the “old man”

We need 4 wheel drive massive trucks and yet! Back in the day, station wagons and a beach did the trick

She is getting there….slowly

But man oh man I love WECATCHEM and just sitting there!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The trawler is cool and all, but it is too slow. What you need is a jet engine for the trawler, and a bottle of Seagrams.

  2. Jim K.
    Jim K. says:

    Matt, with reference to the Canada geese…..NO….you can’t have an AWWWWWWW! Here in Florida the Canada geese are the real “snow birds”. The trouble is that many people like to feed them and the next thing you know they don’t want to fly back to Canada for the summer. They just make more babies and poop everywhere! The sausage maker is just the thing to cull the flock.

  3. Sean
    Sean says:

    Well,… they may be called Canada Goose but, actually we do not have a “National Bird”. We have the Loon on our $ 1 coin, Our Air force wears a Golden Eagle, each province has a symbolic bird but, the “goose” is not among them. The Goose was on the specially minted 1967 silver dollar though, celebrating Canada’s 100th birthday. However the symbol is far better known as a trademark for hugely overpriced line of winter wear.

    Funny, although they are normally migratory birds a percentage of them do not fly south in winter choosing to loiter in parks and other urban areas where food is plentiful and predators few. So some stay here, some stay there and some fly both ways. Both the sausage machine and the clothing racks are fair game in my opinion.

    As for Snowbirds, well we have a few of them (usually seen in a flight of 9) and they are spectacular!

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I just had sausage for breakfast…. your story was better.. sausage and Rice…perfect match.

    John in Va.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Mark it just goes to show you that, even though we are now a bunch of old F**KS, the torch of classic boating has been passed to a different generation.

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