It's Spring! It's Lake Dora Time! It's Brass Bell Time!


I am speechless, actually I can’t breath, the allergies are starting… Hello Claritan… The new Brass Bell came in the mail yesterday while I was scrambling to get all the stuff done to my house for the final walk through before the new buyer comes in… Talk about a dilima. Brass Bell, or paint, Brass Bell, or power washing the deck…. The Brass Bell won. And man it made the day go so much easier. And to top it off, the center fold was of a very tasty 25 foot sportsman… Dang! I love that boat. Once again. worth the price of a club membership just to read this artical. That’s what I tell my wife,,, I get the Brass bell just for the articals… But its the centerfold I am after. Thanks again to master photographer Don Ayers and Bill Basler for designing mid-life porn for us all. mmm I wonder if the allergies are to blame for my hairy palms and premature blindness?

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love reading Woody Boater and many times finding it funny, irreverent and just a great diversion. While I might risk appearing to be a jerk, please watch the spelling and grammar. It undermines what I think you are trying to do, but…

    Oh, and I agree that the current issue of The Brass Bell is outstanding. The boat on the cover and the 25 foot Sportsman in the centerfold…man oh man. Even my wife picked up the issue and read it.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Thanks for the compliment…As to my spelling…and dots….It’s all part of the charm I suppose. HA, I try. I really do, I spell check and move on. I went to school as a kid in three different countries and learned to read and write in all 3. I don’t know the rules. The irony is that my father is a Harvard grad, and was an editor of a magazine, reads all the time and if he read this he would kill me… I have writers that work for me. And have won some very fancy pants awards for writing. But for this. I love the stream of consciousness. If I had to go back and read it multiple times this thing would become a chore, and take more time. I imagine my real fear is that it would loose some of its zip. I sometimes say things that if I think about it, I wouldn’t. So. It’s the good with the bad.Thanks…again

  3. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    I love that, that is my new answer… Its not lame ass spelling, its patina… Thats not a 20 year old varnish job, its patina… Those 1/2 seams… Patina… Who ever you are, if you are going to Dora. You get a tshirt… Thanks. Matt

  4. Bill Basler
    Bill Basler says:

    Thanks Matt for the comments on the Brass Bell. I think that this is a very pretty issue from cover to cover. I am also pleased to have found a new photo contributor, Jeffrey Smith. He shot the cover image. In my opinion, it’s hard to do much better than a shot like that. Great boat. Great waterfront location, on a great body of water.

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