Izod Uses A Woody Boat To Make A Point!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You” Kays for finding this fun uncut commercial for Izod. Now, of course as a Creative Director in advertising I have an opinion on ads like this. And as a Woody Boater also an opinion. But I will let you watch it first.

While I think its fun to see an uncut version of an ad, this sort of advertising I find actually is destructive to a brand. It may be my age since I am clearly not the target. These ads are targeted to… A Younger Audience” because like the Woody Boater universe, Izod needs “Younger People” as well. Ugh.

Now, in this play Izod has worked hard to distance themselves from the tradition of advertising, yet while needing advertising to create awareness to a market that donsn’t like traditional advertising. Yes a little confusing. And I get it, but Izod is a classic brand. Izod has made it through the ups and downs of trends. It is a timeless brand, and this shoots at that. It feels desperate, and trying to hard. A risk yes, and may work. Or not. After all, I don’t wear Izod anymore. And maybe I would feel younger in an Izod shirt. Great creative takes risks. It’s what makes brands relevant again. So cudos too that. But could have been done with a little more style.

Now as a Woody Boater, WTF? Golf on a classic boat! Ya.. I will add, that a tleast the Uncut version is better than the on air watered down and confusing version. Which makes sense, that the “Younger Audience” isn’t on TV watching, but watches Online. So smart media plan, but clumsy creative for the 30 TV on air!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I think I like it. And I’m definitely not the younger focus group they’re aiming for. Guess I’m just not grown up.

  2. Stenz Lake Minnetonka
    Stenz Lake Minnetonka says:

    I like the ad – I think it’s Izod trying to “recapture” the Image they had when they were part of Lacoste. Izod & Lacoste merged in the early 50’s and became quite popular with the famous Crocodile polo shirts. since the separation of the 2 companies in the early 90’s, Izod (purchased by VanHeusen) has became a cheap inferior line; though folks of “our age” still remember Izod and Crocodiles. Looks like they are trying to grab some of that magic with the younger crowd.

  3. Champagne Taste
    Champagne Taste says:

    I think they have combined two hobbies that are not transferring well to the next generation: golf and wood boating. This combination could be the next X game. It would make it more fun to watch if the golfer had to stand on the engine hatches while travelling to the next hole.

    On the topic of next generation, having bought my contemporary wooden runabout (perfect for the above sport) in my late thirties when my kids were in single digits, the family really enjoyed it as their primary boat. Limited space/layout and the desire to do water sports keeps it under cover most of the time now.

    I think the choice to get involved in any hobby is based on passion and affordability. These are two things are hard to pass on. Think about convincing your kids to do what you do/did for a living. You can try, but unless it their passion and hasn’t been automated by now, the suggestion may fall on deaf ears.

  4. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    Chalk up another like from the early 40’s market. I just finished applying a 14th coat of Epifanes to my mahogany nunchucks though… so maybe i represent a niche?

  5. Rob Hennessy
    Rob Hennessy says:

    Hi Boaters,
    I thought the photos were great and especially since I own a matching 1978 Philbrick.
    The boat in the photo is a 1979 21 FT Philbrick owned by the Ray Dolby Family (Known for Dolby Sound Systems).
    I enjoy all the articles on wood boats, especially this one. Keep up the good work.
    Rob from California!

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