Jayne Mansfield Still Alive-ish In Woodyboaterville!

See Jane is still around..

See Jayne is still around….in young Brandon’s dreams! Brandon, dream in color next time please!

The other day we saw a comment from fellow Woody Boater Jan Hadley regarding a restoration he had helped on of Jayne Mansfield’s 1963 Correct Craft Debonnaire. Well here in Woodyboaterville as you know, pink boats are a major favorite. And if its a starlets boat all the better. Now there is no record of this being Jane’s boat, and as much as I looked around, no photos of her with one. For the record, looking at Jayne Mansfield photos is tough work.. But I kept slogging through.. But to no avail. If anyone has one, or any history to back this up, bring it on.

Some of Jans wood working!

Some of Jans wood working! Resto mod ish

Here is the note from Jan Hadley from Nautilus Restorations

This 1963 Correct Craft Debonnaire was brought to us for finishing. The hull had been gelcoated, the stringers replaced with foam and the decking also done in fiberglass over foam panels. In other words, we were presented with a bare hull…no engine, electrical, seats, steering…nothing. With free reign to customize the interior, it was decided to fabricate everything using mahogany and do the upholstery in a way that would coordinate with the exterior.

Nice details with the cup holders

Nice details with the cup holders

As the story goes, it was a one-off, factory-pink creation for Jayne Mansfield, although thus far, no documentation has been found to substantiate that claim. However, the decision to re-gelcoat pink had already been made so naturally, we painted the engine “Jayne Mansfield Pink” to match. (She would have wanted it that way!)

Jayne would be pleased

Jayne would be pleased

Janes boat2

Love the striped seats. Nice touch Jan.. Jayne, jan, jayne.. Help I am caught in a jan Jayne loop!

Love the striped seats. Nice touch Jan.. Jayne, jan, jayne.. Help I am caught in a jan Jayne loop!

The seats which house an amplifier, speakers (a one really big bass speaker) were custom designed and trial-fit with mock-ups made from 3/4″ press board. The front cabinetry provided storage for just about everything you could want to carry on a boat. The bow is accessed through the front hatch. The rear seat encloses the biggest poly fuel tank we could stuff in there…40 gallons. The engine box is also a custom design. It also houses the dual batteries and is supported by Toyota hatch struts. We have lighting everywhere…interior lights and even underwater lighting along the transom. We built the swim platform from scratch and supported it with custom aluminum rods and fittings.

Dang.. the pink valve cover rule! nice touch Jan

Dang.. the pink valve cover rule!

Janes boat18

The “good” engine that came delivered with the boat threw a rod on the first shakedown cruise. It was replaced with a 425 HP 454 CID Chevrolet long block to which was added a vintage Dominator intake manifold, a new Edelbrock #1410 750 CFM carb, Hardin aluminum marine headers, HEI distributor and a 125 amp alternator. To that, we coupled a PCM 1.23:1 transmission…and topped it off with a vintage Cal Custom low profile air scoop.

Janes Boat 20

Additionally, the boat has a really cool hardtop that is currently residing in Florida somewhere. Both will be brought to me in the Spring for installation.

Can't wait to see this boat in action with her matching windsheild and top.

Can’t wait to see this boat in action with her matching windshield and top.

Thanks Jan, we will update everyone once she is complete, the owners name has been with held per is or her request. Ya, like you are going to be able to hide in a stunning pink boat.. But we understand.. If you want to know more about Correct Crafts, they of course have a website.. HERE.  But chances are you wont find another pink one..

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  1. Troy
    Troy says:

    Matt you are just trying to egg me on so all I am going to say is “I think you have the wrong boat.”

    From what I can see about Jane’s life she would have wanted a cruiser, for privacy. and I think I have found it.

    PS: Correct Craft are the featured boat at the Sunnyland Festival this year. ONLY 46 DAYS TO GO!

  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    About that Correct Craft site…I “joined” shortly after buying the Atom Skier last September. When I try to post it tells me I’m not a member yet my username appears on top. Multiple eMails to the administrator have gone unanswered. Does anyone know Keith and can you get a message to him for me?
    Keith Bagley @CorrectCraftFan


  3. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    I could be mistaken in my declining years, but wasn’t Jayne Mansfiel pictured in one of the ’50s Chris Craft ads..I don’t have any catalogs here at the coast but it strikes me that it may have been a ’50s Waterways catalog. Could be wrong.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Not to actually get off subject??? Just a sample of some of Pat Hadley’s work on his hugh Elco he restored and charters in Lake Keowee, SC. What a beautiful yacht.

  5. charleyquimby
    charleyquimby says:

    Looks like someone was beginning to battle cellulite and a little Cooper’s droop. Ah, gravity… CQ

  6. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    I looked thru a Jayne Mansfield bio to see what time frame her picture might have appeared in a Chris Craft catalog and see that her color was pink…which gives some credence to this story about a pink boat.

    The bio says she did a lot of advertising shots in ’56 &’57 and I still think there is one of her in a Chris Craft sales catalog but I don’t have them all any more and I can’t find her…Seems like it was in a Waterways…But as I said before, at my age the ole mind plays tricks..

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