Join The Chris – Craft Antique Boat Club And She Could Be At Your House Soon!

The new ad in the Brass bell. Two Pages and I must say, she is Spectacular!

The new  full 2 page ad in the Brass bell.

Yup! Join the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club fast and she will show up on your door step in a month or so, or mail box, wrapped in plastic.. OK I need to stop binge watch Dexter, this is getting strange.. This is the famous favorite Shaun Fenn header of the year, and now she will be in print. Two full pages of warm ink and paper,  and a reminder of what summer is all about. With a wonderful line written by famed creative Director and long time Woody Boater Bruce Bildsten now of Fairbault Woolen Mill.. speaking of warmth. A blanket always helps..

All ya gotta do is join the CCABC .. Sure ya get access to the boat buzz, and amazing archives, and the amazing award winning designed Brass Bell, but that really isn’t anything with out the magic of two full pages of warmth! You can sign up HERE.. Hurry! I think there is ink being put on paper now.

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