Just Another Cavalier on eBay? DEAR GOD!


4 exhaust pipes.

I will go out on a limb here and say, this may be the fastest Cavalier on the planet earth, and if they have one on Mars.. This ones faster. Pluto? Faster? Black hole # 3C 75, yup, faster. Why? Cause this gas sucker was built for, or by Famed Racer James Mederer. 

James sat here.

Okay, who is James Mederer? I am embarrassed to say I did not know his name. But I am an idiot. Turns out James was kinda like the Carrol Shelby of Mazda’s and a Rotary Motor genius. Which invites the next question. Why does this insane over hopped up Cavalier have a Corvette Engine? Well, and wings and a parachute.


Yes Jimmys Termite Terror has a 350 in it, and its insane and any faster and it would just be scary. So I can’t imagine this boat ever really saw full throttle for long periods of time.

Red white and blew the doors off anything close to it

The engineering is pure passion driven. Paint, same, all of it. It makes my pea brain hurt. Even the wheels on the trailer are out of this world. Do I really need to find another black hole to reference. NGC 1068 for example which is 47 million light years away. And I will add, that this little Cavalier would get you there in a weekend. YOU CAN DROOL ALL OVER YOUR KEYBOARDS HERE ON EBAY! 

Get it judged in the INSANE CATAGORY- Oh you wont be alone.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    While radical to say the least, I wonder what Chris Smith would think about this. Given his original foray into power boat racing of his day with Gar Wood, I would think he’d be in awe of the engineering involved.

    But would he buy it on EBay?

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    This thing defines the term “Restro-Mod”!

    Awesome boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OK wait one minute!

    Is someone playing with all of us.

    This thing is located in “Corona, California”. REALLY?

  4. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    The boat’s current name means “Pure Talk”, which roughly translates to “You’re Full of It.” Love the sentiment, but I think it might be misconstrued, lol. PURO PEDO

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