Just Because It’s Made Of Wood, Can It Be Called A Woody Boat?


The Betty J, Our beloved little wood skiff. 11 ft, 4 hp. Fun for around the creek. Built by the Boatress great uncle back in the 50’s. But not a Woody Boat. Its a Crab skiff.

From time to time folks think that Woody Boater is about Wood Boats? Duh! Yes..and? well… Kinda.. Woody Boater is more of an emotion, than a rational description. The Boater part of our name, our brand, you our as in you the readers commenters and other idiots. Not just me. This is why we feature boats that are made of plastic and metal as well.

Plastic! HELL YES! Woody Boating in DONZI tude!

They embody the attitude. Oddly enough, I find brand some new reproduction boats not woody boats. And some yes of course. New Hackers, New GarWoods, absolutely. They embody history, texture, and have some brand essence from their names history.

Still for sale 

Take for example this jet ski? We have featured it before. It seems to always be for sale. It is NOT a woody, yet made of wood. Pontoon boats with wood splattered all over the place. NOPE! Brand spanking new Chris Crafts with some wood trim. NOPE. Maybe a distant cousin, you reach out to when you need a loan?


So what does make a boat a Woody Boat? YOU. The owner, the boats history, the bit of crazy you both embody. It is subjective of course, and thats the real part of Woody Boating I love. If you have a pontoon boat all gooped with wood and have a tude about it. Then hell ya. What if your Jet ski was stolen and used in a marina robbery, and shot at and still has bullet holes in it. HELL YES.. There needs to be some sort of truth in the boat and owner. A point of view.

YES! A Pontoon Woody Boat, and Darla on the Bow…s is for sure a Woody Boater.

So? Does this answer the question? Not really, but it did kill another day! Woohooo.

The owners.. Hell yes.. All Woody Boater above the pontoons.

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  1. Gary Visser
    Gary Visser says:

    A man and his Donzi, what’s not to like?? Besides, when we look at old Boston Whalers, do we not….lust?

  2. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    Looks like Mr. Visser needs to be a bit more enforcing on his dog rules! I am still vacuuming hair from his last visit on three boats and 2 of my cars! Time for a fresh varnish brother of mine!

  3. Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio ( sometimes da U P ) says:

    I think if it is made of wood, it’s a woody boat. I know I am a little weird I like all boats. Some more than others though.

  4. Ross
    Ross says:

    my first boat was a similar crab skiff. It was around 1964 and we had a vacation home on the Chesapeake Bay in St Mary’s County Md. It was made of Southern pine planks. Before it went into the water the bottom had to sit with wet burlap to swell the planks or it would sink before we could get away from the beach. Took to adults to drag it out of the water but with a driftwood roller, I could get it above high tide. The motor was two oars. I would pole around downed trees in the shallows an dip net crabs. Boy that was fun especially when our retriever would stand on the bushel basket and dump the crabs all over the bottom of the boat. Woody Boater? I think so

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