Just Great, A Great Gate Debate. WARNING, I Have Issues.


The old path to the house that was here decades ago.

As many of you know, when making a simple decision, I can obsess. Exhibit 1 Zippers, Seat Stuffing, etc. So when it comes to installing a simple F’n gate at the Woody Boater Global HQ, and have a week off this week. Its a ship show. Sorry. Oh, it cant just be a simple gate. Or can it. This is the curse. I am in Gate Hell. Or Hells Gate. Anyway.

This will have some plantings around it

It will be painted black to match all the other fencing

The street, Main St is a wonderful place with historic homes

I have installed a decretive fence to establish a setting for some plantings. It will all be black. I know, why? Just shut up and roll with me here. So the Gate. At first…….

So, I can make the gate like all the other gates in the back, simple and with Galvanized metal

OR, I can make it red like the rest of the buildings

Wait, what about making the gate a Transom?

OPEN? Get it?

Maybe a simple call it what it is. MISS GATE.


the Address 707 Main St. in silver to match all the other lettering

So that is my hell. One thing, I do like the varnished transom feel. New name? or one of the above? Or am I taking it too far?

Its all being built out of Juniper, very light weight

A spare piece of plywood with flaws, PERFECT

Attach with copper nails

Cut to shape

it has the vibe

I cut the bottom to have a subtle angle. It will be covered with Racing Bronze or red?

Stained with Red mahogany, so it picks up on some of the red in the buildings. First coat of Varnish today. Loud music and varnish.

So? Now what? Mr B is asking!


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice looking fence and gate. I didn’t realize the buildings were that far back off the street.

  2. NR
    NR says:

    I just want to warn you, maybe you know already, that you have created a long term maintenance item. Depending on what product you use and when it is applied will either help mitigate the issues or exasperate them. I own a painting company so I see it often. I don’t want to bore the community with the kind of paint talk I’m talking about so you can email or text me directly.

  3. BT
    BT says:

    And make sure that you continue to do all of your painting / varnishing above that beautiful tapestry area rug. If it’s me, I would love the challenge, however that would guarantee a major spill.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Glad you put a little shape in the bottom of the transom gate. It just wasn’t right without some deadrise… Remember to refinish it every couple years – or take it to Katz… 😊👍🏻

  5. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    your gonna make it too easy for guys like me to find in, once we are there we tend to hang out past our welcome! (ask the streblow guys).

    send some pictures of the inside of the restaurant, want to make sure its wothy enough to take you to lunch there once i get there.

  6. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    I like the varnished transom. WoodyBoater url as Port of call
    Maybe mount a mailbox (of course THAT will be a big decision as to the form that takes) with the 707 address

    but.. Im identity confused ….Is 707 Main St Reedville Marine Railway or WoodyBoater HQ? its both, but to the Town its RMR with a fence… Regardless, it all looks great. And you can always make more than one gate
    WB@RMR… I want to see what you come up with for a mailbox so I can copy it!

  7. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Might want to use some tamperproof mounting hardware to prevent it from disappearing in the night. Classy, nice looking stuff like that is very tempting to thieves.

  8. Ole Olson's boat scratching service
    Ole Olson's boat scratching service says:

    Just think,mr.B! another place to lift your leg.If you can get all the neighborhood dogs to do the same,it’ll be safe!

  9. Mark
    Mark says:

    Consider the name as the destination you arrive at after you pass through it so you don’t get asked constantly.

  10. Briant
    Briant says:

    Apart from the constant maintenance issues and worries of theft, I would go with something like this, but obviously without the horses but instead a simple image of a transom or just the WB logo.

    Simple is always elegant.

  11. Gail Turner
    Gail Turner says:

    Or figure out a way to make it double-sided so you can change it up whenever you want……no one would know if they were coming or going! Not sure how the hardware would work but you could figure it out.

  12. Floydrturbo .
    Floydrturbo . says:

    Are you trying to let people know your address? Or that this is Woody boater HQ? Or just trying to be cute? That would determine what I would put on there. Just FYI you got WoodyBoater on your truck and if you have Woodyboater HQ on that fence and I thought you were going to have some sort of sign indicating WoodyBoater HQ – too much branding could be branding overload. But what do I know.

  13. Russ
    Russ says:

    Wish you had gone for a faded grey unrestored look for the entire fence including the transom gate which should have arcing faded gold lettering “Woody Boater” over the home port “Reedville, Va.”

  14. Matt
    Matt says:

    HA Russ, give it time, it will happen naturally. I tried that, and it kinda needs the rest of the space to be worn out, and now its freshened up.

  15. Texx
    Texx says:

    Does the Railway need it’s own logo (so people know what a marine railway is?) Do you know anybody that owns an AD Agency that could help?

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