Just Hold The Camera! What Could Go Wrong? One Job! Hold The Camera!

I call this. “Her” Thumb!

Just so you know that there are many stories that just fail. And this morning is such a story for sure. Ya see, we decided to out woody boating yesterday in Jimmy’s small Cavalier ” Termite Terror” she is the stand in until one our boats gets home.

Termite Terror on the lift. Nice and calm. Taken with my iphone. The camera works fine.

Anyway, it was calm in our creek, but Great Jehoshaphat, it was a little rough out there. Now, we thought, we can get around this corner and it should be OK, NOPE! So I turned around, and said,  mmm this might be cool to capture on video.I mean if a lame ass video of a boat docking is cool, why not a small cavalier in white caps not be cool? Right. Following me here.

looks calm, NO WAY – This is two shots together. Will make sense.

So, I am trying to keep us as dry as possible so I hand the camera to the Boatress’s niece now just known as “HER” and say, here, shoot forward. I EVEN TURN THE CAMERA ON! Just hold it. It was spectacular. Water splashing all over the place, I have to say, and I will, it was my finest film. Old man and the sea stuff! I was all set to head to the red carpet. The Boatress had a dress all picked out. I was going to thank all our sponsors. Borrow some bling, even wear my dark yacht hat! I am the dam director of “Boat Ramp” after all!

“Her” thumb!

So. I get to the dock glowing in that I had Mondays story. And guess what? Oh, yea! You know it. She “HER”  turned off the camera. NEVER SHOT even a second. No really. So guess what. Today, you get a thumb in front of the lensesi. Not even a video. Just a frame of thumb, a $&%^(#ing THUMB!


PLEASE! Save today and fill the comment section with anything, cause anything is better than a thumb shot. WTF!

No thumb, but dark, how can you even make an iphone do that? How, no really?

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  1. Shannon K
    Shannon K says:

    I’m not sure if this will work but I’d like to try to help out today… This was my first attempt at going “live” on Facebook Saturday morning while traveling 60mph across the water in our friend’s 1978 Glastron CVX-16 on Cass Lake in Michigan. As my Grandpa used to say, “That’ll blow the stink off ya!”

  2. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Remember when Daddy gave you the evil eye and said “if I want something done right I guess I’ll just have to do it myself “

  3. Warren
    Warren says:

    The last pic metered on the bright white deck and made the rest dark.
    But you knew that !

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    A nepotism hire gone wrong? This sounds like a management problem to me. How was this new videographer screened before being hired? Was there any background check to verify the experience claimed on her resume? Was there any training program or oversight to help her learn on the job and make sure she was prepared before being cast off on her own?

    I am sure Dim would agree, it wasn’t the videographer who let us down.

  5. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    you missed a “go” in the first paragraph.

    the boattess’s niece?? wouldnt that be your niece too?

    dont worry other sequels have flopped too, remember “new coke”?

  6. Richard Gambino
    Richard Gambino says:

    It’s a great new marketing picture.
    ” If you could see behind this thumb you would see the ULTIMATE NEXT GENERATION CORD FREE (name your product)! So come on down to Dicount (name) and try it out in person! You’ll never view (product) the same again!”

  7. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    From the director of #boatramp a new indie film #thumb !! His first time was a mega hit! Se what happens before the #boatramp! Yes #thumb is a prequil. Limited screenings at NY art film houses before wide release. Chicken on a stick available. AND the premire of rookie videographer #her. Don’t miss it.

  8. Bill Mckenzie
    Bill Mckenzie says:

    look on the bright side if her thumb had not of covered the lens that could had been a pic of you

  9. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    Ahead of their time?…”Under My Thumb”.

    The Rolling Stones sang a song about this phenomenon.

  10. Ron in PNW
    Ron in PNW says:

    I am with you, but remember Texx has a real life!
    On the other hand I’m usually all thumbs with anything I try…
    I will take this opportunity to publicly announce announce a name change!
    If Troy is ANE I’m changing my name from Seattle to PNW. I have been misleading the public for years. Iactually don’t live in Seattle but on a small island close to there called Poverty Rock.
    I hope no one takes a DIM view of this…

  11. Bob Russell
    Bob Russell says:

    White Caps! Where? Out West here and on the coast that looks like a day fit for tubing, etc. Out here we are good for three-foot swells.

  12. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The good thing is you didn’t have to waste $$ and wait for hours or a day to get prints just to find out what a closeup thumbprint looks like. Can we go back to the days of tin cans and string. Then I could pick up a nice old school cruiser unmolested for cheap.

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