Kent and Steve Are Having More Fun Than Any Of Us! Maybe?


This is turning out to be one of those times doing Woody Boater that pure magic is happening. I hope you are here enjoying it happen live as we are doing it as well. As an artist, and a person that loves being behind the scenes more than in front of it all, this is PERFECT. I know Steve and Kent feel the same. But every now and then true harmony happens. Steve and Kent decided to send us the photos and not discuss what they are sending. Only to be shown here on Woody Boater. To be honest. I love being at the show here as part of this dance, bringing it to you.

We are watching magic happen!

OH CRAP! This is like going to Cirque Du Soleil one amazing shot after another in a setting from heaven!

ZIP again, and again

Okay, he is done now. Stop with the camera stuff.

We are getting reports that this is an amazing event and The Antique Boat Museum is blowing folks away. Wait, that’s a metaphor, from the 70’s so for those of you under 40, being blown away is a good thing. For those of you in the Clinton era.. Well, and sadly now well, it sadly may mean something else. And so I digress into an A.D.D. tangent.

GAAAAAA! I know someone that will want a print of this!

Those jackets MAKE IT PERFECT! This is the sort of detail that makes my day! Well played!

Hopefully you are not even reading my copy, and drooling over the photos and wonderful moments captured through the efforts of the duet of Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith Jr  – AKA… Maybe in honor of October and everything being pumpkin spiced. Kent-Kin?

Best name.

That Baby is one long boat! That Baby is one cool boat, No Dingo is gonna take that baby! Anyone? To obscure. Who cares, made me laugh..

LOVE the Union Jack! There is an entire protocol about that. I don’t know it, but in this shot its perfect

YNOT! Another great shot with a harmony of color and energy

I LOVE this lettering and name! Sets the tone for our story for sure

Gene? Wearing the absolute perfect color shirt. Thats the magic of this shot. Apple Green is a perfect color in our culture. It adds excitement and history and is current. A colorful reminder that history is not Black and White. OF course Gene just grabbed it cause it was clean!

Rocks and Wood!

That is one great looking Hacker – LOVE the Bow shape.

ZIP causing trouble again

I love this little guy!

Oh ya!

Work it work it! Oh ya

You can tell what the driver is thinking somehow.- Oh, it’s running, its actually running. The oil pressure is right, fuel gauge is kinda working, tack isnt bouncing around. mmmm, And Steve captured that actual second when all is well in the world!

So, we sit there and say, Dam Jet Skis, and Captain of the ALGOMA CONVEYOR says.. Dam Woodys! I so is the circle of live.

That be ART! I call this REFLECTION! Note the way the sun dapples the water reveling the classic craft. WAIT ONE SECOND! thats Zip! Oh you little … ZIP!


Someone is happy all over!

Because SHE is happy!

WOW, love this little series. Like a Solo Lapkin performance


Rock me Baby. Baby Rock A By?

What a cool optical allusion! Looks like the Hacker is gonna drive off the page

And the perfect finally of today is actually a morning shot. Did you all hear that? Ya, that was my eyeballs splatting on the screen. DAAAAAANG!  By the way, That name, Lefty Loosey is amazing, and the lettering FLAWLESS. PERFECT. AHHHHHH, not a font, not slick. but slick in its humanity. Fun whimsical, and human. I can go on and on about the lettering. And the shot. LOOK AT THAT SETTING.


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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    looks like ZIP quit smoking…..too obscure?

    Great pix…I was facing a tough day until now!

    John in Va.

  2. Shannon Knight
    Shannon Knight says:

    We were honored that Kent asked us to bring the XK out to play for the camera on Thursday morning. We now have beautiful photos of her at four International Boat Shows: Gull Lake (Woods and Water), Racine, Port Huron (Boat the Blue) and now Alex Bay! We are looking forward to two more days of boating with friends on the beautiful waters of the St. Lawrence!

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The Baby Gar should be named “White Privilege” but probably not PC. Okay, then how about Dingo Baby to continue your Seinfeld reference. The weather looks perfect. To have Steve and Kent’s access to shoot would be the bomb. You guys rock, keep ’em coming.

  4. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    In the header and last picture that looks like a cool tan rain cover on a U22. Is that “HERS”?? Who made that cover??

  5. Laura B Almond
    Laura B Almond says:

    Wondering if we can purchase the fabulous photos taken of our boats during the 2019 International Antique & Classic Boat Show in ABay? Thanks!

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