Kent O Smith. The O Stands For Oh My God This Guy Has A Great Eye!


Kent O Smith .. No relation to me, Matt Smith…or Krunch is also a Smith, or one of the Smith Brothers cough drop folks. Or any Blacksmith, or…. well it goes on and on.. But, he does have a relationship with some very very nice boats. Some of you may know Kent from his days with Woodies on the web. A wonderful tribute web page to his pop. Five years ago he started Cutwater Boatworks.. Kent restored the the nice 19 1/2 foot Gar Wood we all drooled over.. The interesting thing though.. Kent’s eye … I think it’s the right one.. is special. It has super powers.. Really… Like he found the six million dollar mans eye at a flea market and restored it. Kent can shoot one hell of a photo… And if you have ever restored anything that has a black finish.. Well… that is not for a person with a mere mortal eye… Or one you got at The Dollar Store… Kent O was kind enough to share some of his images with us from Clayton… Water Shots.. Wooohooo. Thanks Kent…

If we had a magazine.. This would be the centerfold… Likes.. Old men that smell like Varnish.. Dislikes.. Men that smell like fiberglass.. They make me itch… Turn ons… 6 volt systems.. Turn offs.. popped bungs
Rock on! This was of course about 30 years before Rock and Roll.. So I suppose the term is.. Big band on dude! Woohooo Guy Lambardo’s totally rad!

The quintessential Clayton Thousand Island photo.. This shot has been taken for over 100 years.. AND IT STILL KICKS ASS! And yes I spelled quintessential right!.. I think..

What year was this shot? I love images like this

They make .. made … post cards out of images like this

A ride with the folks from Halls boats.. Wait… more Smiths… no Really!

I want to be that guy.. That is the life

Hey! Stop looking at the crowd.. There are 30,000 people on the web looking at you.. Over here…

I want this boat in the worst way… The expensive way …

You add your own caption. This is one crazy nice boat

I wanted a ride… But …

Yes Well Done Kent.. Thanks
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