Kent, Steve And Alex! WOW!


Amazing photos today

The photos are starting to trickle in from the Alex Bay. Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith Jr are working their magic eyes again. This is insane, here we are getting amazing photos from two of the best in one day! AHHHHHH, all header quality. And even better no captions. My head is gonna explode. A huge thanks to Steve and Kent for keeping us all jealous of the thousand amazing things of the Thousand Islands.

The simple unmistakable joy of Woody Boating. It’s an inner peace thing that only we all share.

OH hell ya!

Those smiles say it all, that wood grain is crazy cool

Riva on the Riva!

The wake shot

Steve Lapkin’s eye is on fire.

Chris & Julie brought the power to the hour.

LOVE this boat. I am trying to find funny things to say, but honestly blown away! No thumbs over the lens shots. No out of focus stuff, no dock shots. I could get used to this. Remind me when its 20 degrees outside and we are talking Sparkplug thumb screws. Oh wait, we just did that.

Ohhh hell ya!

The clear waters of the St Lawrence

I’ll have my ride in the drink on the rocks

Kent O. Smith Jr makes it all look like a wonderful painting. WOW! The way all the color works together. WOW

Lets get back out there! Kent is ready

So how is work today? Meetings? Deadlines, People complaining about other people, lunch meetings that start late made up of stale sandwiches and crappy limp pickles. Squeezing a trickle of some sort of condiment out of a plastic packet to gain some sort of flavor. Wow, that came from a deep place. All this while Woody Boaters are out about in one the worlds most magic places. The Thousand islands.

A huge warm thanks to Steve and Kent for sending this all to us. We are honored and jealous all at the same time.

Ya, what you looking at?


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  1. MO Whaler
    MO Whaler says:

    About a year ago, or so, you shared an outstanding video from this same area with aerial drone footage and an audio track: ‘Green Sally up, Green Sally down . . ‘ It too, was over the top – – Exceptional place, folks, boats and water – – Thank You – –

  2. Jim "the lurker"
    Jim "the lurker" says:

    Silly question of the day here…On the very first picture, appearing just above the “A” in Alex…Is that a light on the bottom of the boat ? If it is…I was just curious why ?

  3. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    “TEXAN” was nearing the burn pile down here in Southern Maryland back in 2013. She had been on the hard in Tall Timbers, Maryland. Several of us in the Chesapeake ACBS got in contact with Tony Mollica, who was instrumental in notifying Bill Bannister about the boat. It was my understanding that Bill had secured the Fitz Gerald and Lee rights along with the original drawings for TEXAN and other F&L boats. I think the restoration was completed in 2017. Some of the hardware seen on the completed boat came from my collection; notably the side markers and some topside vents. C.H.Q.

    • P. Raley
      P. Raley says:

      She sure looks great! I am glad she able to be restored so beautifully. It broke my heart to see the state she was in. Glad you made the contacts Charlie!

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