Kill Me Before I Design Some More Stinky Boat Graphics


The options are endless.

So, after a month of back and forth on naming, we finally re settled on “Stinky” now comes the next phase of insanity. Just so you know, its hours of tests, re tests and obsession to come to what feels right. Part of the fun of Stinky is trying stuff for myself. There isnt much to loose here. Its just paint, and we haven’t torn apart the boat. So what the hell? But, I cant help myself.


This is the inside of the folder for just the type. I have a problem

I had my heart dead set on racing graphics, which include the Big Numbers and name on the side. As you can see , I tried all sorts of stuff. The issue is that its cool in the front and looks lost in the rear, and then its all graphics. Ahhhhhhh. Here are some of the name designs I spent way to long on.


Clean 1950’s script font. Not bad – BTW this is just a photo I took and cleaned up to see graphics


No Script and large name


1930s font with lightning bolts. Kinda cool. The bolts fill in the aft area. But that sure is a lotta stuff


OK, no lighting. Just in the name. eghhhhh. – This font though is just to sharp for a soft boat.


OK, no lighting at all. It was getting rather busy looking


OK, Softer logo and what I quickly started with. Its also reminiscent of Sylvia which looked fantastic on the transom. But here on the side its strange


Its a altered font.

SO. No race graphics, Just clean and on her transom! Let the stink be an after the true effect of her special magic takes place. Ya smell her first!


Clean! and yet Stinks. I know how she feels.


Final Type and final look below



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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Is the second one down supposed to be like SNAIL? The 33′ Baby Gar they painted the name on and took it out before the paint was dry. The paint runs are supposed to go backwards, not forwards. Unless it was done during Matthew and the wind was faster than the boat.

    • Mike K
      Mike K says:

      just change it to the starboard side, then it will look fast!

      matt, should i save for you my cal connell caddy for this project. then it will go fast!!

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Have you considered putting the D-26 amidship on the sides & Stinky on the transom? To me it feels bow heavy with the numbers that far forward. Or if you want the transom bare – do it like the second pic, but move Stinky further aft. And I agree with Jim that the paint runs on the font in the second pic should go aft. I really like that font if the name goes on the sides, but prefer the script if it’s on the transom. Guess I’m not helping your problem with addition ideas though!

  3. Verne
    Verne says:

    Nothing on the sides. Just the stern. It’s a little FUN boat, not a “contender”.

    BTW, I don’t like Stinky. That’s a new name given because it now stinks. It should have a “period” name to suit it’s original appearance. Something more like Baby Racer.

  4. FranknStein
    FranknStein says:

    Is the font used by the factory (Chris*Craft) as used on the side decals available? Id like to use that for the transom on one of my boats Ive named for my girlfriend (amazing the buy-in you’ll get if you name the boat after a S.O.) The boat name will be “Christina”
    Wish I had all the tools and design expertise that Matt has, but with those superpowers it can sometimes become “analysis paralysis” lol Tho he DOES get things done, he just has all of us second guessers.. 😉 to “help” him…..

  5. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    I agree that the great lines of the boat from the side look better without any numbers or writing. It would be distracting and with a smaller boat, would tend to overpower it visually. as for the stern, using a red color like the bottom paint as perhaps a faint outline of the lettering will soften the starkness of the white. Again the size of the font and the starkness of the white could tend to overshadow the boat itself, if not carefully proportioned.

    Are you sure the width of the boot stripe waterline is correct? seems wide to me. compare the picture of slyvia that looks like a more normal width. Tends to cut the stern into two parts, visually, imho.

  6. John Unsworth
    John Unsworth says:

    Pease spare the Boat Mistress. I know this is a Hail Mary but what about “SEA RAT” or “SCAT”
    After all is that not the fragrance we are talking about
    Best regrads

  7. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    I like the race numbers on the side, but back a little more, like I did with Old School.
    And yes, you need a red shadow to soften up the bright white.

  8. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    I vote also for state reg. numbers upfront. And the D-26 moved back a little as Dennis and kelly suggested with the name on the transom. The red outline sounds good but I might have to see it to decide.

  9. Peter G
    Peter G says:

    Good choice- putting the name on just the stern. With it on the side you had more “burger than bun”

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