If You Are Into Kit Boats And Live In Sharon PA. Today Is Your Lucky Day!

chris craft sign

Live in or used to live in Sharon PA? Well, today the gods of cool signs has sent you a sign. A vintage kit boat sign to be specific. Now of course  a sign from above….. the marina is going to cost you about 10 times more than a kit boat would have cost you, but certainly a bit cheaper than a new one all done up..

Old ad for kit boats, no its not for sale, just the sign..

Old ad for kit boats, no its not for sale, just the sign..

Now if you already have one, then once again, you are lucky, and if you own a Chris Craft kit boat, aaaaand live in or near Sharon PA.. Dear god man, run.. Pay whatever, and go play the lottery, cause you will also win that, and thus be able to pay for the sign. But sadly you have to do it that order.  And… if your name is Bobby, and you own a kit boat and live near Sharon.. Well. Your gonna die.. Cause there really is no reason to live anymore, cause all the karma and luck was just used up for ya.. On a dumb sign about kit boats.. Sorry Bobby, it was nice knowing ya!

HERE IS THE LISTING! and if its dead, like you Bobby, Here is the copy below so you can stalk the seller..


Antique Chris craft boat sign asking $1100 great condition original sign. call only (THREE THREE 0)726-9109


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