Lake Dora Stuff And More To Come!


15oz varnish Coffee Varnish Cup

It’s that time of year, just 20-ish days away we will be schlepping down with a truck load of goodies to share with all our fellow WoodyBoaters. This year we have brought back some special things for our 10 year anniversary. Like a new Larger 15 oz cup.

The smaller ones are all sold out, but we will have a limited amount of larger ones at lake Dora!

size reference, and will have some Varnish Lovers as well.

Also a batch of new hats! With the new distressed look reflect the 10 years. It’s also the new hot look in hats

A new fun special Blue and red hat

We also have two new retro best of shirts we will announce later. And a huge special surprise, only available at Lake Dora. Plus massive close out sale prices on old stock. Its gonna be a blow out!

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    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      It might be.

      Actually Jim the interesting story about that pic is that it is/was on a wall in a coffee shop in Mt. Dora. The date of the picture is my mothers exact day of birth. Pretty Strange!

  1. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Matt, Can you make the logo on the new hat spin 180 degrees? That way I can wear it to the boat shows and then spin the logo upside down and go to the Mets games in Woodyboater style!

  2. Shep22
    Shep22 says:

    Matt, what day is the best one in order to get some of these ‘beauties’? Do you think Paul have enough life jackets on board?

  3. Randy
    Randy says:

    … do ya’ think the ‘popular’ distressed look will ever follow over to include our classic boats too????

    After all, they seem to charge more for this type of ‘patina’ with clothing.

  4. Rick F
    Rick F says:

    If you sell those 15 oz. varnish can coffee mugs on-line, I would like to order 2. Not going to make it to Lake Dora probably until after retirement.

  5. Jason Bain
    Jason Bain says:

    Count me in for 2 also if available. I am in the area of the show but unfortunately the week prior! I would have loved to see “Plaidtastic” in the flesh, I have the same boat and wanted to see what it would have looked like right out of the factory!

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