Lake Hopatcong 2013 Calendar. Buy It Like There’s No Tomorrow!

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Get your 2013 Classic Boat Calendar today.

Thanks to fellow Woody boater Bob”have I got a Calendar for you” Kays, you can really have your 2013 classic boat calendar now. And it’s a real 2013 one. All the dates are there. You can buy it here. We guarantee this Calendar to be a collectors item since it may be the last one ever made. What? You ask, how can you make such a bold statement. It’s very simple. According to the Mayan Calendar the world is coming to an end on Dec 21,2012. That’s right. And when that happens, you my friend will have the last real true blue American Made Calendar in your little paws. You will be the only person out there that knows what day it is after that. Because, YOU had the forethought to get a 2013 calendar. Just think, you sitting in your fox hole, scavenging for cockroaches to eat, and you will know what day it is. And don’t even think about what a collectors item it will be once ebay gets back up in lets say in the year 2450 once the cockroaches and you mated together to create a super human that can exist living in cracks behind the toilet and survive on old crust from pizza boxes. Yup.. All because you bought a 2013 Lake Hopatcong Calendar. Buy 2 and keep the other one in the wrapper. Then you and your cockroach family can be rich beyond your wildest dreams. And finally aford that 24 Sportsman you always wanted. Thanks Bob, you are a true saint!

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  1. Gary
    Gary says:

    Lake Hopa… what? For us on Lake Washington, that is two more letters I think, Lake Hopa has got to be in another country, or time line. We are fine, even with webs!

  2. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    I’m waiting on snow to get Betsy’s last gasp, and with temps today at 70????????? it may be awhile longer, but who knows. These 29-32 degree night’s have me puckered waiting. Hope the to flood lights in the bildge work till snow:)

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    My son, Sandy, was born December 21. Sandy Part Deux, anyone?

    P.S. Seen any Mayans recently anyone? Didn’t think so. Crackpots, with their doomsday predictions. Bet they cut their nuts off last time Hale Bob flew by, just like those Heavens Gate eunuchs. That would explain their rather sudden disappearance…

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Yes, great header, but never knew Long Lake at Naples to get that rough. The connected Sebago Lake on the other hand is a different story. With westerly winds coming off the New Hampshire White Mtns and Mt Washington hitting the northwest shore it put me over the transom when I was about 10 standing on the motor box of my grandfathers 22′ Cruise-A-Long.looking over the folding canvas top while standing on about 3 boat cushions. That wave also broke through the front cabin window giving my Aunt and Grandmother about 9 and 7 stitches respectively and cracking the fuel bowl glass. circa 1960.

    • Bob B.
      Bob B. says:

      Could the Lyman in the header photo be going thru the picture boat’s wake? Lake itself looks not too choppy. BTW, I wasn’t allowed to stand on the cushions.

      • floyd r turbo
        floyd r turbo says:

        Bob, you know Grandparents are a little more lenient until something bad happens. The trouble with lake waves, as my Grandfather explained is that there is no pattern like the ocean waves. We were rolling over big ones and I was enjoying the spray in my face when we hit a steep one cruising thru the Frye Island passage. That’s where the waves build up against Frye’s Leap, an 80 foot rock precipice and ricochet off the face.

    • Randy
      Randy says:

      Wow, now there is a reference to an old memory! My parents bought a new 22′ Cruise-A-Long cruiser out here in Washington state back in ’57. Us kids thought we were in heaven with a boat THAT big. Loved getting out on the water and talk about memories cruising the San Juans every Summer.

      I eventually restored my childhood dream (the Martinique) but, you know, those days out in that little cruiser were just as magic as what I am experiencing today. Its’ not necessarily what you are in, but the fact that you are just out there.

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