Lake Tahoe Fun Flashback Video Circa 1997


Martin, Marty, Hey You, he answers to all of the above

Somewhere deep in the dark history of the internet I found this! A fun video, or show in a PBS style of the Lake Tahoe gang in 1997! For the record, Marty I don’t think has aged. Which begs the question…. Is Marty real or an alien with super powers. The boat he is in called Lipstick, I think is now UNO, the number one race boat made. Anyway, grab a cup of coffee, it may take a bit and enjoy the fun of it all.Produced by

This video is part of a wonderful series done by Huell Howser who sadly passed away in 2013 and there is an entire archive devoted to him, HERE. Wonderrfull.

Actually kinda cool stories about the boats.


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  1. Michael Green
    Michael Green says:

    This is Lipstick that we went trough a couple years ago and then brought to the International Show in Racine Wisconsin. Uno is a different boat.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Wow, that was great…but I wonder if others found the guys voice as irritating as I did? For a media guy not great pipes.
    What regionalism accent is that?

    But a treasure of a vid for sure.
    Heading to the Keys next week!
    John in Va.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      John, you didn’t recognize that southern accent? He was born in Tennessee and went to UT but worked in NYC and other locations after starting his career in Tenn.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    That was something! I don’t know where you found that Matt but Im glad you did. I have been to Lake Tahoe. Its a beautiful place. I have not been there for the show though, the show is on my bucket list. Especially after that video. A great way to spend a Jan. morning. Yes John I found the narrators voice irritating also. You have to take the bad with the good. That accent, I’m thinking southern Tennesee. (I hope I spelled that right)

    • Marty Feletto
      Marty Feletto says:

      Lipstick had a stock M block, I think maybe an MB. I restored the boat in the mid 90’s.

      I wrote a story about the restoration for Classic Boating back then and the boat was on the cover.

      Boy Matt – how do you come up with all of this!!! See you in Tavares!

  4. Grant Frautschi
    Grant Frautschi says:

    Wow, fun to see my boat on your site before it was my boat. Even better seeing Marty talking about it. The video was new to me thanks for sharing. Marty sold Lipstick to my Mom and it left Tahoe to live on Lake Mendota in Madison as a family boat. Lipstick is a 1947 red & white hull #R-19-039 with an MB engine. Mike Green did a super job in ’17 bring her back to tip top show shape after almost 20 years of fun. Some of you might have seen Lipstick in the water at Racine. Thanks, Marty for saving this boat so she could be part of our family. Twenty plus years and counting, thanks as well to Mike for how many more years who knows?

  5. Ronnie Mykols
    Ronnie Mykols says:

    Great Video Matt, glad I waited til this Snowy, cold Saturday morning to watch it. Warmed my soul 🙂

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