Lapkin Shares Some Last Gaspkins?

Steamy Gaspkin

Thanks to Steve Lapkin for digging through his collection of Gasps.. Now known as Gaspins? maybe we will get a Kent O. Smithkin’s.. Oh boy, this fill in the pics with copy thing this year is pushing it. Lets just cut to the chase and fill in.. Lake Dora is about 5 months away, Michigan will have a show as well in the summer. And Troy will post a pervy photo. Oh and m-fine will make some bacon, and Btoye will piss someone off. See, all is normal in our little strange univers. Oh and Paul will leave some long War and Peace comment.

A Moody Gaspkin?

Classic Gaspkin, that really does look like a gasp, but maybe there is an argument that this was the last time these guys rode together? HEY, I am work”n here to fill in.


Kinda fall like. A Gaspish?

Looks cool.. as in cold. But cool, as in cool looking. LOOP ALERT

A kinda rainy Gasp? A Wet Gaspy? Hey! You do this every morning! Dont judge, just enjoy damit

Hold on, I will make this look more Gaspy.

A color tweek makes it more Gaspy – Maybe a Twerk? 


Looks cold and wet. Not a fun seat to sit in.

Not even close to a Gasp, looks warm and fun. Maybe we call this a Pregasper slasher?

Okay, okay, wait one darn second. It was hot as hell, and no way a gasp.. Maybe a First Gasp of air and water for Owen.. Yup, a wake up gasp

Waiting to gasp, or post gasp and being tucked away?

Okay, so here is the Gasp story.. This was the last ride even though clearly it was over the summer, and right after this the boat ran into Steve, leaving him Gasping for air? No?

Back to that miserable cold wet ride.


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  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Hey Matt, I want to thank you for your attempts at humor and relevancy that you provide every day. Some days you just miss the mark but it is still a pleasure to read. You’re the man, much appreciated.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Great shots 😃 It takes me to another place, I am in the waiting area, having eye surgery this morning. Not much fun.😞

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Good luck and fast recovery on your surgery Mark. Age related retina issues where the vitreous humor starts to liquefy becomes common as we age. If the retina tears, surgery is the only solution. Nothing can be done to stem the issue except living the healthiest lifestyle we can and that’s still no guarantee.

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