Lapkin Unloads A Load Of Glorious Ocular Splendor Captured In A Millisecond.


Smile! you’re on Woody Boater today!

Yesterday fellow Woody Boater Steve Lapkin sent in some glorious images captured at some point. Not exactly sure when these were shot or where? but do we really care? No… These are for the fellow Woodyboaterites in the northern reagins of Woodyboaterville who are still battling the brutality of winters chill. Okay, I think I have used up all the syllables required for two weeks. Let the Ocular Splendor Roll!

Cameras ready.

Taco’s ready

Kents not ready. KENT! ohhhhhh KENT!!!!!!!

Click, crank and let’s go!

Googles on!

And click!

CAAAAAAALICK! Thats a pano click..

One happy chappy!

Full load? Or long lense.

party on the ledo deck

Happiness is a boat ride with her. I LOVE IT

Okay, is that his wife? I hope thats his wife? Dear.. I swear she was about to fall off, and I had to…

Water, wood and happiness, and visors

Gar Wood doing some Gar Wooding

A classic Lapkin splash shot

Yup! all good


That looks cold

She is tired of waving so much. Been there!

Red, red and red.

Dear, watchout for falling rocks.

See that guy! Ya him.. See, he is taking photos of us. Where. RIGHT THERE..and click, you are on WoodyBoater and the universe is seeing you. And so it goes.

Oh! I better not make fun of them anymore

Well this is a colorful photo!

Love me that white design.

Another classic Lapkin water shot

Okay, I am officially calling these “Dingle Berry’s” from now on.

Slow go!

Lets talk about that sticker!




Splish Splash we are getting a bath!



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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Snow in algonac today, too. Going to to check on the boat and see how it survived over the winter.

    I think we should call them dangle-berries, because dingle berries are, well, you know…

  2. Troy in CT
    Troy in CT says:

    I hope this competition between Kent O and Steve keep up for a LONG LONG time!

    Great shots, as always!

    I have shared my appreciation for the photos that appear in the Florida men’s rooms, but I was a little surprised at this painting in our South Carolina motel room.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Dang Troy that is a pic of the intersection of imagination and porn…suitable only for a motel… a hot pillow joint.
    Sorry we did not connect on I95…as it worked out the north bound lane was choked when we were headed south…hope I did not send you bye 295 and into that?? Safe travels.
    John in Va.

  4. Clay at Crosslake
    Clay at Crosslake says:

    Simply awesome photos! Thanks for sharing your amazing work, Steve. Boy do I want to see the ice start rotting.

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Interesting vinyl top color on that Hutchinson commuter in the header or is that the sun reflection on the black vinyl causing that shimmering silver/gold look? Either way, amazing shots Steve.

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