Larry The Lyman Hits The Book Stands! Three Years In The Making!


Finally you have something to give your kids / grand kids for Christmas other than an old carburetor!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Kathy Ryan for putting this series of books together.  After three years of work with writers and illustrators the first of the series is being introduced at this years ACBS International Show. I of course being the Woody Boater got mine ahead of time. SIKE! I even had the boatress read it to me before I went night night for the full efect. No binki jokes please! CHAD!

The idea for doing a children’s book about antique boats came from the fact Kathy could not find any books of this type on the Internet and wanted the hobby to be one for all ages.  There was very little for kids out there,  and the ACBS also was looking for ways to enhance their youth development.  So, she decided to publish children’s books using  antique boats as part of the plot.

Kathy and Dennis out on Larry.. OK, that sounds a tad wrong, are they in Larry? OK Thats worse. In thier Lyman called Larry. Thats much better.

There are four books written with Larry the Lyman Becomes a Star! being the first.  The other three are written and are with the illustrator.  Being a former educator, Kathy wanted each book to have information about boat safety and a positive life lesson.
Kathy’s sister and retired English teacher, Chris Frantz, wrote the books from ideas that they developed.  Sharon Arengo, the illustrator, has been able to capture the charm of the boats with her watercolors. Kathy is the publisher and editor.
Larry the Lyman Bcomes a Star! is about the idea that everyone can be a hero. The second book is about a Century Coronado with gull wings who wants to fly. The third is about a Chris Craft that has put in a marina warehouse to be parted out.
The fourth is about two generations of Garwoods meeting each other. All of the books take place in different areas of the US where wooden boats are found. How cool is that. What a great gift idea for the kinders, ya they will want there big wheel and baby barf alot for Christmas, which won’t last longer than the box they came in, but that magic moment when you read them a story at night and then go out on your classic boat with them on the weekend is forever. So you say, how can I pick one of these suckers up. Well, you can at Table Rock, or here on the ACBS website, Some of the proceeds go to helping the Youth Development program, or Herb has some at Sierra Boat Company, and of course you can get a copy, or more from Kathy and Dennis Ryan at the Antique boat Center. Just click on the links and you will be helping kids all over find new splinters one day!

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Nice. Is Larry short for St. Lawernce? Maybe “Dancer” and “KatieAnn” will get to meet Larry someday out on The River.

    • rick
      rick says:

      Probably have the Lyman raising more fish than all the others. Darn lapstrake people. Other than that it’s a great concept.

  2. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Love the concept, My daughtere were interviewed 8 years ago by a woman who loosly based a story on them and their boat on Lake Winni.

    Lapstrakes Rule!

    • rick
      rick says:

      Knew the lapstrake guys would be coming out of the woodwork. You know a little sanding and you could get those planks flush.

  3. brian t
    brian t says:

    Garwoods, a CC, and a Century too – but let us not forget about that little Eddie Haskell wanna be brat down the street…

    Andy the Aristocraft !

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    I’m curious. Is Larry named after someone the author knows, or did the author choose Larry simply because of the alliteration?

  5. rick
    rick says:

    Well I’m not at Table Rock and I didn’t write a children’s book but I did get a new Brass Bell today. Life is good.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Cool, that means my latest postal carrier in training should figure out where to drop the remains of mine off sometime around Holloween.

  6. michael
    michael says:

    ACBS needs to get their website in order…..can’t get on to order anything??? Either thru your link or google.

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Michael – please e-mail the Acbs webmaster with your problem, she will sort it out. I am unaware of any other issues with ordering ont he sight. Are you not able to access the site at all, or a portion of it?

      Paul H.

  7. Sean
    Sean says:

    Maybe Larry can come visit Canada’s clear cool waters to meet “Dutchy Ditchburn”, “Minnie Minett” and “Gordo Greavette” in the next series and make Larry an International Lyman.

  8. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hey Sean, how ’bout Duke Duke, and Sammy Shepherd? But try as I might, I could not find Canadian boat makers starting with T or P. What a shame. I had the names “Timbit” and “Poutine” already picked out.

  9. Jim mersman
    Jim mersman says:

    On behalf of the Acbs webmaster the ships store is closed during our annual meeting and also she is with “Larry” now in table rock. Book sales should be available next Friday! Check back soon!

  10. Chris Frantz
    Chris Frantz says:

    I am very excited at the reception Larry is getting! The good news is that Larry doesn’t have to be just for boaters. The life lesson can apply to any child. As the author, I am so pleased with the beautiful, traditional illustrations. My sister Kathy, Sharon Arengo, the illustrator, and I are grateful for your support.

  11. Jon Cottrell
    Jon Cottrell says:

    Cannot wait to get these books, I have a new baby boy that we took on our Lyman for the first time a few weeks back. These will be a little lighter reading than Lyman Boats Legend of the Lakes.

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