Last Gasp, Gets The Final Nail In The Coffin.

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If you live on the upper east coast.. or in Michigan Wisconsin,or any of the other tundra states.. It’s officially over.. You can still be in denial, go out in the snow.. But, summer in your shorts with your hat one… is gone! The image on the top is from Dale Sirois in Cheyenne WY “On the way to Lake Absarraca for a last gasp… stopped at the truck stop for a cup of coffee… Guess maybe I should head to the slopes instead. I wonder how a 56 Switzer Craft Shooting Star will perform as a sled? In reality this is my newly acquired garage find. 1956 Switzer Shooting Star. Been in the garage unused for almost 25 years. Hull in great shape, needs interior work because original seats removed and replaced sometime in the past.” Thanks Dale cool boat.. When you can get it going up to 100mph, call!

Dan Ward From Texas.. "In Texas we don't have a Last Gasp. Y'all are living in the wrong place."

And of course what would be a winter story with out some smart ……..  from the south letting us all know that its just fine down there… Oh sure those of you in Texas think its fun to jab at us..At least we will have water next summer..

The video below is Our Biggest Ball winner this year David Konick and his last gasp.. SHRINKAGE!

And this last Gar Wood Summer run…A wonderful Gar Wood run in August to remind us all of how great Summer can be.. This one is from Rabbit in Minnesota…


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  1. Redabeardsraven
    Redabeardsraven says:

    SNOW….. What the f*%#……I’m not ready for it, I thought I could ease into it with all the fall pictures. but Real snow…
    I cant take it…I can take more pics of Dale’s Switzer craft.
    Big fan of Switzer craft… More Switzercraft….No Snow..
    Please update on the Switzer craft. Thanks Dave Jane.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Wait a darn gosh minute, I’m confused. In David Konick’s video I spy fishing poles. I thought fish guts and varnish caused spontaneous combustion and an immediate sinking. I least I think that is what my restorer said when he made me promise not to do that before he released my boat back to me. Hmmmmmm. Will have to re-evaluate this before the blues and bass are gone for the season. Nice video, gotta love the sound of that Hercules.

  3. brian
    brian says:

    Hang on….

    All that snow while drinking a cup of Joe?

    It was either coming down pretty good or you’re a slooooooooooowwwww drinker.

  4. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Way up north here in Calgary we have barely had a hard frost yet. No snow at all – we usually get our first snow in September with October snow a certainty. There is none in the 7 day forecast. Too bad there is no meaningful water nearby, and everyone’s boats have been laid up for nigh a month now. Condolences to you MI or WI boaters…..

  5. Phil Jones
    Phil Jones says:

    I am sooooo close Matt, they are calling for snow showers in the AM and if it comes I will have a shot of Betsy gliding though it.

    OH Bety’s said to tell ya that dock rash would not have happened on her.:) and something about (it serves you right) whatever that means, boats there sooooo tempramental.

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