Last Gasps Start Coming In From All Over The U.S of A…utumn

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The wine and cheese deal top it off! Excellent move

Alright, now we have a party happening. If you like parties made up of people talking about how there summer is over and all thats left is cold weather, crowded mall shopping, and digging out the snow.. Wooohooo. PARTY ON! Let the gasps continue.

The first gasp in is from long time woody boater Chris and Heather Atwood and there Glen -L.. Dang, all those Glen-L folks have actual womens with them.. Maybe its the wine a cheese deal.. I keep telling the boatress that Varnish and 5200 are aphrodisiacs . She aint buying it. Chris you RULE! And yes I had to google that word..Here is the story from all the gang! Thanks and keep’m coming.

We had our last gasp in our Glen-L Zip Oct 21st on an un-usually nice 68 degree day. Yeah, I know, were sissy’s here in Indianer. But we utilized the day to share it with a few friends and family that had not yet had a ride on the boat since we completed it in 2010. My wifes uncle and grandfather were last-gasping on Harley’s with her father and stopped by the lake for a ZZzzzipy ride. After that we went for a 3 hour tour (enter cheezy theme music here) with our friends Brianne and Mark cozy in the back seat.
To give them the full first-class woody experience that you can only get from aboard a homebuilt wooden vessel in a mud puddle among cornfields, we busted out the fake silver platter and orderves. This must be just like Lake Tahoe, except our two stroker was running…loud, proud and oily.
Our hearts and thoughts are with those whose lives changed due to that biatch Sandy. Keep up the entertaining work @ woodyboater.
-Chris & Heather Atwood

This one in from Fellow Woody Boater John Rothert.

Taken on the piankatant on sat. More boating still to come…John Rothert in VA

These two in from fellow Woody boater Bob “have I got a calendar for you” Kays Lake Hopatcong NJ

Our last gasp on Lake Hopatcong was Oct 20 and to early. It was supposed to be Oct 28, but hurricane Sandy decided to visit NJ, so on Oct 25 Katz Marina went to the Island got the boat and put it safely away.
But the unplanned last gasp was great. A long ride all around the lake followed by a stop at the Main Lake Market for ice cream and time visiting with their friendly staff. But the grand finale was yet to come. While on a slow cruise back to the dock we saw one of the lake’s resident bald eagles circling around the house. I had the camera and the eagle cooperated by allowing me to finally get a photo. A great way to end the boating season.

Eagle has landed, Bob Kays

And this one in from Dave Jane in Chicago.

My 1949 DCEB Chris Craft takes a last ride to the jack stands for the winter……Dave Jane Chicago

And this fun video from our LA Roaving Reporter Lauri Carleton
Took this on my 1946 22′ sportsman….22 Skidoo on my beloved Lake Arrowhead, however tonight we are headed to below freezing and may have to pull her out…always a sad day.

Just set your computer on its side. Will look normal..

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  1. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Hey not to get off subject but, has anyone heard anything from our crazy buddy Dave and his Atlantic fishing outing during the herricane? Hope it wasnt his last gasp!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Seen lots of bald eagles. But who gets a shot of one in a fall-color maple tree? Frame that beautiful photo, Bob!

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