Last Gatspying In Canada


A study in wood, water, and heaven.

A huge thanks to Chris and Julie Bullen for sharing some fantastic Last Gasping with Gatsby from up in Canada..Maybe we change the Last Gasping to  Last Gatsbying?


Hello from Canada. We have surely missed all our friends south of the border, not being able to take the boat and go boating with everyone has been a bit of a bummer. Looks like we may be able to go south in November. Boating with our friends in the USA will have to wait.

Calm before winter

Moe yowza


As they say, you sure miss something more when it’s gone. We will be happy to see everyone in the new year when boating in the northern hemisphere returns. This brings me to “Last Gasping”, we have pushed it a bit longer this year, the warm fall has kept us boating, we have not wanted to put them away. Sunset cruises continued until Sunday night. It is still fall, despite some warm temps the rain has been normal, so getting the last sunset cruise was a bit hit and miss. The clouds seem to come in about a half-hour before sunset.


Taking photos this time of year as you know is wonderful. The low sun, the colour on the shoreline just make for some special photos. It’s a fleeting time, and getting a good day, good foliage, and time to just go boating makes it all that more special when it works out. Julie was looking good in her 1940 WJ Johnson, boating with the beautiful colours of the fall.

Last Gatsbying


Just another day in Paradise.

We had put Gatsby to bed a week ago, last night we took Riot out to find a sunset. We found both a sunset and a rainbow, what a way to end the season.
Wishing you all a good winter and happy boating.

Cheers Julie and Chris

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Love Muskoka! Thanks Chris and Matt for the great story and photos. We are truly missing the Canadian members of our Michigan gang and hoping to see them soon.

  2. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    I refuse to quit. Got the ezinglass enclosure on, put the BoatSafe engine compartment heater in, ready for fall and winter boating…great time of year in ole VA!
    Going Boating….Still… soon.

    John in Va

  3. Warren
    Warren says:

    I thought it was against Canadian law/rules to take out a triple with less than 3 occupants. If not, maybe it should be?

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