Late-ish Happy B – Day Molly – O And An Update On Her Trip Through Reed-ville


Molly-O look’n good

It’s time to drink a little sip more of milk on our Algonac adventure a month ago. Yikes, time flies. And the highlight of that event was the trip Art made to Reedville. Not HQ Reedville but Algonac’s Reedville, and Our Art, not art like in art. Confused? Shouldn’t be, it make perfect sense. Now to add to the non confusion, yesterday was Molly O’s B Day, not today. But I am sure Molly O would appreciate some encouragement.  84 Years Old and still going strong. A Get well soon?

Tanks for the pictures Art.. Sorry Rabbit.. That was a bad bad pun!

Here is the update from Art – An update on Molly-O’s little excursion into the weeds during the CC 100th celebration. She has been in Alan Mackie’s “spa” for about two weeks and  is doing very well. She has part of her monkey rail repaired, a new chalk and bow light ready to be installed. The strut, skeg, rudder and drive drive shaft are back from the prop shop and are ready for reinstallation. Varnish and bottom paint are happening as we speak. The M.B.W. is doing a STELLER job.


Nuthin like a fresh coat of that golden elixir

The entire drive train had been removed and sent to Henry Smith Prop shop here in Algonac. and is mostly in good shape, except for the drive shaft which had a slight wiggle. It will be replaced. We have located a recently chromed chalk and bow light . The monkey rail has been repaired and is ready for stain and varnish.

All cleaned up and repaired

Thanks Art, and for those interested, Here are some links to paroozzzzzz.

Art made a new channel through Reedville…Michigan

One of the many images by Gale Woods of Algonac

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  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Waves big enough to throw a boat into the reeds can’t be very common. Am I correct in assuming that the wave was from a laker passing by? If so, how typical are they in that area? Was the ship going to fast for conditions? How about “no wake” requirements or was this from a bow wave? Glad to see the boat is being repaired.

    • Floydrturbo
      Floydrturbo says:

      My understanding was the wake was from the rush of all the boats headed to the annual Gull Island “Jobbie Nooner” raft-up. “Jobbies“ refers to autoworkers who headed out for lunch on a Friday and slipped off to go boating. The annual meetup dates back in late 80’s? You can search the term for more details of the event. This was the breakout gathering since Michigan Gov Whitmer had put Covid restrictions on boaters. Realize that Michigan has over a million registered boats and you can understand their dissatisfaction with those restrictions.

        • Floydrturbo
          Floydrturbo says:

          Just to be transparent, I was not there, but I was on I-75 with a boat headed to Rice Lake Ontario via Port Huron and intended to stop at the show but figured I could not find a parking spot so kept on traveling. It was mentioned in the show coverage that the wake was due to boats from this event so I had to research what could possibly create such a wave. Lakers don’t typically throw off a wake that large.

    • ART
      ART says:

      It was a situational thing. Stinky and Owen were to my port side and a 30 foot-ish center console came flying between Stinky and Molly-O and I was fairly close to the reeds. I knew where I was, and was trying to leave room for them towards the center of the river. It was the angle of the wave that took us to Algonac Reedville.

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Happy Birthday Molly O. I’m glad you are getting fixed up.Will we see you in Hessel in August?

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