Lazy Days Are The Best Days, Especially On The Water



The heat here in Virginia has chilled out..a bit. At least its not so hot you feel like you are in an incinerator when you step outdoors. We also have our kids dogs here so time on Sweet Pea is best, since the claws of a larger dog would devastate WECATCHEM’s brite work. So slow rides out to the bay for swimming and enjoying the last bit of summer is the rule of the day.

Lots of whining thats for sure

LOTS of complaining about being stuck on the boat

Dogs and boats!


Come on!

NOPE! She didn’t want to go in..again. It would have been one hell of a jump shot thats for sure.

So back to a nice slow ride home

Some tunes, and some NOS cushions

And of course no day is complete without…

The Tow of Shame. The Boatress’s SEA PRO seems to be having electrical issues. Some sort of corroded wire no doubt. We sadly never use the boat, and WECATCHEM seems to be the reliable one this year. Anyone want a SEA PRO 17 with 90 HP. VERY VERY LOW hrs

Showing a tow shot is always a good way to sell a boat!

OH? mmm almost forgot.. VOTE FOR SWEET PEA In the fantastic LAKE TAHOE SHOW. CLICK HERE. 

THIS SWEET PEA. Not the other one. I see a copyright issue about to happen! HA

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  1. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Lots and lots and lots of boat dogs this year at the marina. No cats strangely enough……..hhmmmm.
    Did you know cats can swim?
    This one whispered to me and said “You ever let my humans stick me on this POS floating aluminum beer can again and I’ll take a bite out of your kidney. I only chew wooden boats”.
    Duly noted RinTinTin…….

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I would think the dogs would be hard on the varnish and upholstery. How do you protect the boat?

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