Let’s Do A Sausage Sunday!

Yes, I am a model.. For… mmmmmm, mmmm Outboard engines. But I can wear a crown? Right?

We are on the road headed to Alabama and then New Orleans for some fun exploring. So here I sit in a hotel, and sure have a pile of lips and snouts to fill in a wonderful Sausage Day. Mmmm I could eat sausage all week long! This is a snap shot of ebay goodies. They are all on ebay if you look hard enough. I am not linking each one. UGH!

Big honk’n number in Detroit

Hey, no one is looking at the boats? What the?

SPEEDY toy boat on ebay!

Didnt know they made a Stinger like this. Very cool..

Love this photo for some reason

What a depresing job.

The worst vintage photo ever! Facebook bad photos are jelous

Very cool model. Love the box art on this stuff. It was always better than the real model

I guess now we know who supplied the metal for our boats.

If you own this boat now, here is a very cool ad for you. I am sure its not a bargain anymore. Can you say, no one wanted to tow this sucker back to Michigan!

Cool Birtday card art for you to make a card from

What a Sausage Day without some Nasty boat trashy story?

Mr Lonely! Now in rehab!

This is the rig!

Canada again? Fenders?

We dont need no stink’n trailers!

LOVE this little boat. Never seen a cool seat like that.

Whats a sausage day without a match book.

One of the cooler match books – all on ebay

Great pin up style shot! Another Sausage Day regular – Gordon Conner Photo

I am sorry I threw up on the deck dear.

Okay, okay. okay.. WTF? Who has there babe pose like this with Mom sitting there. Granny.. Daaaanag!

This original price sign is on ebay. Very cool.. VERY VERY COOL, we included the link for this one. Lots of bids!


The colors! The props, all of this photo is cool on ebay

1968, Woody Boating in style

And there ya have it, another Sausage Sunday wasted away on lips and snouts of incomplete stories. But all together they are mmmmmm so good!

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