Lets Go To Wildwood New Jersey. OK…How Bout We Just Say We Went There!

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In a never ending quest to make you look like a true old timer classic boater. We have made possible more photo shop proof that you are indeed a scurvy dog. Here is the original, and a blanked out one. click on it, it will enlarge. And download it. Take some photos that you want in there and just strip in the face. OK you will be in woman’s clothing… but, hey… those were wild times back then in Wildwood… What happens in the 30’s stays in the 30’s… Is doing this right. Absolutely, it’s no different than what this actually was. A piece of painted wood that you stood behind.

Blank To Download. Click on it and it will get larger!

George and Dick, having some R and R in Wildwood.. Wooohooo, There Woody Stratergis’n