Here is one of the drawings of the new Chris – Craft design..The new vertical bow is very post war Custom or Riviera ish

This isn’t some guy in Cleveland that wants help naming his 17 sportsman. This is the real deal from Chris-Craft themselves. This all started on the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Clubs Boat Buzz forum. The largest forum on Chris – Crafts and in fact all classic boats in the world. Chris Craft asked for folks to get involved in naming there latest design. Smart move on there part, and a theme is starting to emerge. But without influencing our readers, we thought it might be fun to get more involved. You can comment here, or migrate over to the boat buzz forum if you are a Chris Craft Antique Boat Club member and have at it. That link is here.

One more look. Its a very cool design, with some nice cues. The flags are wrong big time and feel like an after thought. No one would ever use them. Its almost like a bolt on thing. I do like the flag idea though. But maybe a more post war rake? Wood?

Here is the original posting from Chris – Craft Corporation.

Chris-Craft is pleased to announce a new 20ft. Vertical Bow series for 2013!

The first will be an open deck version, that will make its debut at the Miami
International Boat Show in February 2013, with the closed deck to debut
in July 2013.

Chris-Craft! We have a problem!

We don’t have a name for this new vertical bow series and thought we should present
them to you first for your opinion.

If we choose your suggestion we will send you some cool Chris-Craft swag (and you will
also get the bragging rights!)

We look forward to your feedback!

Respectfully yours,

Chris-Craft Corporation

Here’s a shot of the “Closed Nose” version of the 20′ Chris-Craft – Click to Enlarge!


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  1. Bob Killeen
    Bob Killeen says:

    ” NOSTALGIA ” comes to mind when I see CC latest design…..

    The powers that be might want to do a reveal @ Mt Dora 2013.

    Best to all & Safe Boating !!!!!!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    There was the X series, could go very simple and do a Z series. Whatever they name it there should be a towel included dedicated to wiping the onlookers drool off it.

  3. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Boat model names is fascinating business. Historically, cc more or less followed then current car nomenclature in the 30’s with designations like standard, deluxe, custom, etc. After the war, the marketing people got to them and they adopted names to evoke swanky places like the riviera, Capri, etc. Think of 50’s Cadillacs –eldorado, Biarritz, and so on. After car people more or less exhausted the animal craze like mustang and cobra, it seems at least for luxury cars, the BMW and Mercedes approach of using number designations has blossomed. S550, X5, 330i. Cobalt boats and sea ray among others use this approach. What does this tell us? Beats me, but hardly glamorous.

    CC still uses real names, even if they are relatively prosaic , like lancer. Presumably names still must have some power as no one names a model the Elmer or Herman (sorry guys with those names, no offense intended!). I like Riviera for the nostalgia aspect, and because the style certainly has lots of neat reto elements, but wonder if it would resonate with the average cc buyer who perhaps sees power, status, etc. when shelling out all that money?

    Another approach is to make up a name out of whole cloth (people are doing it now for personal names like crazy to largely bad effect IMHO), and cars have gotten into the swing of things like Lexus, Acura, Prius. So I suggest a made up name. Maybe we should start a pool, matt, for a retro name vs. made up name? What will cc do?

    In any event it is a beautiful boat and I hope cc sells a million of them, whatever it is called. Certainly a worthy successor to the woodies we all love.

  4. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    This looks like it has Capri written all over it. I would like one if they put a nice vee-drive in it. It will probably have a crappy outdrive on it though. If that is the case they can keep it.

  5. Jim
    Jim says:

    I think they should pull a name out of the ’60’s like Super Sport or Commander. It would look great with a traditional Super Sport badge on it!

  6. Noel E. Trueworthy
    Noel E. Trueworthy says:

    Captain Nemo is right a v-drive and a carbon fibre front cover to cover that damn bow rider area that matches the rear swim platform and name it ” Blast”

  7. Dave D.
    Dave D. says:

    Riviera is a name and not a bunch of numbers. Like that. X, Y, and Z added sounds like some of the other performance oriented (larger) power boats. Riviera or Riviera Runabout would compliment the Chris-Craft Launch series. All are semi-retro. I like how Riviera kind of fits in with Riva. The new Chris-Craft and Riva boats have the same “retro” flowing lines. The V-drive as mentioned would be a nice idea as an option.

  8. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Chris-Crap, alright I had a bad day. I supposed if I could afford this boat, I could come up with a better name, but I cant.

  9. Michael A. Hill
    Michael A. Hill says:

    The plumb bow certainly suggests “Riviera”, but the wrap-around windshield speaks “Capri”. Given a personal choice between the two, I’d say “Riviera”–the plumb bow is apparently the defining styling cue of this new model.

    I’m a bit ashamed of some of the mud-slinging comments posted here–the boat looks fantastic. I service a few of the “new” Chris-Crafts at my marina and I been impressed with these boats. They are built well-enough and have shown an increasingly keen sense of balance in their “retro” styling. IMHO, the “new”Chris Craft designs have paid proper homage to their iconic legacy without becoming a “cartoonish” character of their former favorites

  10. ranger
    ranger says:

    stealing a word from michael hill’s statement (so if this is chosen – we can share, right?)


    or Heritage or Dynasty

    very cool looking boat that will attract attention!

  11. DroMont
    DroMont says:

    I would call her Riviera 20 or Capri 20. Because it remindsme that beautiful Chris-Craft boats that where so megnificent.

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