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Headed to Kocian Instruments

As part of the preservation of WECATCHEM, we have sent off the gauges to Kocian Instruments in Minn. As many of you know Dale Kocian retired from the business and a new team was able to step in and take over with a new energy. Long time fellow Woody Boaters Aaron Starke and his partner Shauna have gone all in to make sure that Kocian is the Blue Chip resource for your Gauge work. Shauna is a perfectionist, and since taking over, they have retooled, and made many new screens that make sure your gauges are 100% Concourse correct. After all its all about the details.


Restored Gauge from Kocian


The magic in the back

It’s very important that we support those out there supporting our passion. We are not a huge crowd, so it takes a special person with passion and dedication to go all in on such a venture. many of the top folks in the hobby are helping out with information so when you send your gauges to Kocian, you not only get them in time, but correct. If you have yet to visit their new website. You should, it’s a work of art unto its self.


beautiful detail

We spoke with Shauna and Arron about the business and they are very focused on making Kocian the number one gauge restorer on the planet. Shauna and Arron just recently packed up an entire inventory of Pat Powel’s instrument tools. So that no matter how obscure your gauges are, they will be perfect obscure gauges!


Lyman Gauge

Getting stuff done right and on time is a huge mission for them, and its showing.

Moes clusters 1

Gauge cluster that will pass the muster

You can visit them right here with one click to their very cool website. CLICK HERE


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  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Les took the words right out of my mouth and sometimes I think I could just take the jewelry, put it in the showcase to look at every day. Its a lot less trouble and space. But its not the same without the sounds and smell to go with it, not to mention the addition of the sun, wind, and waves (and maybe some adult beverages and the company of a significant other).

  2. Bob Tipple
    Bob Tipple says:

    I have to agree that Kocian is an excellent resource for gauge restoration. Shauna was easy to deal with and the end results on the gauges from my 1963 Chris Craft Sea Skiff came back looking like new. Well worth the wait and expense.

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