Lights For The Reedville Marine Railway Office. Details Matter

3 of 6 of our new Benjaman Lights

I have always loved the industrial look and feel of work lights from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, simple, strong and timeless. I used to find them back in the day at junk sales, and would fix them. But these days, I dont have the time, or honestly the knowledge base. BUT, I do have the internet, which I did not have back in the day. AND, as it turns out, there is a guy as nuts about these lights as we are about our boats. Like detail nuts, brands, holders, different uses, and advice.

The insides have a wonderful Patina.

So, I talked with Dale Batz of Old Industrial Lighting a bunch of times and thought. Mmmmmmmm, he gave me good advice, and has what I need, I am buying from him. Could I find some other places? Kinda. Cheaper? Not really. Even New good ones are about the same price. Yes Home Depot has them for half. BUT, well, you get what you pay for.


These are Porcelain, they have patina, and are 100% rebuilt. Safer than new considering they have a ground wire. And best yet. match the vibe. It’s gotta be real for the Railway. No way in hell do I want some strange tin or imported cheap crap in there. Like a cheap belt or shoes with a nice classic suit.. Remember suits? Pre sweatpants.

Strong Like NO BULL!

The difference between these and the newer crap is not even close. I have the new crap on my building in DC and they are always falling apart and separating. And the gestalt and Zen aspect of these being time tested is amazing. A small bit of bling that is a true companion to the space. Of course we could have gone deep into an extreme place. But our space is a more simple space, and Dale was able to help me match up the right lights for the situation.

As you may recall this is the planned look for the office


FOR THE RECORD, I MADE NO DEAL WITH DALE, NO TRADES, NO USE OF THE VAST POWER OF WOODY BOATER TO LEVERAGE A SAVINGS.  Okay the vast power bit is a stretch. But my point is, I paid full amount, and shipping. These are they should be. Anyway I am saying this out of truth, some of you conspiracy thinkers think my life is full of trades and deals. I SUPPORT 100% Of our Partners, and Good businesses that may not be partners. Old Industrial Lighting is one of those partners. JUST GOOD PEOPLE TO DO GOOD BUSINESS WITH AND SUPPORT! CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO DROOL OVER LIGHTS!

These are just some of the dream lights on the webpage. This is for dusty shops.


And this one is my dream light. Seemed overkill for the office. BUT WOW!

LOVE this one


Definitely peruse the web page. AMAZING! BAD PUN ALERT,, It will shed some light on how diverse these lights can be.

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  1. Old Salt. Aka Dr Light
    Old Salt. Aka Dr Light says:

    Your brilliance has shown through with this illuminating story! Please make sure the color temperature of the lights is a warm white 2800k – 3200k

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Good story for a ice stormy day in ole va. Yesterday I spent like 4 hours just wiring up a new ceiling fixture in a pantry…beat myself up about taking so long…inside…in heated comfort…then I thought about the linemen that have been out and about in Va for DAYS ON END getting us back up after the most recent storm event….now they are heroic first responders in their way…and I am just a grateful amateur.
    John in Va.

  3. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Cool light. We had one just like in the header hanging over the family ping pong table growing up that witnessed many a sibling battle. Now hangs in the shop and brings back many fond memories.
    Ive really enjoyed the RMR story thread and your thoughts and solutions on updating old spaces while keeping the patina and history. I keep wanting to insulate my boat barn roof but love the look of the old wood rafters and trusses above that complement the varnished boats below…

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    So now I know where rock group Devo got their hat design…from those pair of turbine room sconces for $4500. Beautiful art deco base. Love the goose neck sign lighting and the cobalt hanging shades. Who’s responsible for the cheapening up of America? Bean counters? or the CEO/stockholders who have to have a 10 cent increase in their quarterly holding? Unions? Remember when Craftsman power tools were great? ok, let’s say really good quality for the homeowner and arguably for the tradesman.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    HA! I did a job with Mark Mothersbaugh back in the day, great guy, He had just finished the music for the Rug Rats on Nicalodian. Very fun guy, and a legend in the music biz. RUSHMORE, and his latest.. TIGER KING! Yup.. Fun stuff to connect.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      My daughters favorite group even tho they were almost 20 years prior to her as she got into the music scene. After a long stint on the student run WRAS Album 88, Ga State Univ 100,000 watt station, the advisory council made her General Manager. She would have love to have met someone like Mothersbaugh. She wrote music reviews and discovered many acts in ATL like Outkast (Andre3000/Big Boi) that she recommended when GSU would send her to NYC, LA, Chicago, and SXSW/Austin to meet with industry officials. But chose a Fine Art Degree. She would appreciate Mark’s art influences, I’m sure.

  6. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Old boats, old buildings, old fixtures all wicked cool, but to have your very own Marine Railway is beyond reproach. Very nice indeed!

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