Live From New Zealand, Yes, It’s Always Summer In Woodyboaterville.

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GAAAWWWD! That’s insane beautiful

A huge thanks to fellow WoodyBoaters Steve Lapkin and Phil Andrew for sharing the Kiwi magic of Woody Boating in paradise. Steve has shared some amazing photos from Lake Tahoe, and last years huge Alex Bay shootout with Kent O. Smith jr. And now just sit back and bask in the warmth of New Zealand, and fellow WoodyBoaters.  Let the dance begin!

Right at ya!

Oh ya! Give it to me!

Oh hell ya!

Out of the mist

Dance with an Arabian


Oh! More dancers

Drive by shooting in New Zealand! Steve Lapkin style

One more of Phils Century’s


A man out standing in his…boat

Look, it’s a real classic boat gathering.. Were is the tow line?

The Grey Poupon crowd brings some Riva heat

And now a commercial break!

Phil an yet another one of his Century’s

The universal aft flag shot!

OH! Hello Dear!

Still looking for some Grey Poupon?

Phil.. pick one boat!

Love the colors

G, That is one long race boat you have there.


Right back ya Phil and his Blue Arabian done here in the States at Katzs marina


Maybe they are looking for Bridget Bardoux?

Steve gets all artsy on us!

A huge thanks to Steve and Phil and the entire KIWI Chapter of the Sons Of Varnish for the warmth of our passion!!!!! You can see more of Steve Lapkin’s amazing work HERE



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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great photos of some great boats! There never seems to be any human development on the lakes in New Zealand unless Phil owns the whole lake. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Love seeing the Fairliner Torpedo in the mix there! Probably going to have to put a trip to NZ on the “Bucket List”… 🙂

    • John Lisicich
      John Lisicich says:

      Aloha and happy Saturday! This is truly an awesome Torpedo. We have seen the boat in person when we were visiting NZ. The cool thing about this boat is that is]t is built from our original plans from Allen Petrich, that were given to me by my cousin. Chris Prier, the owner of Lady Grace, contacted us and asked if he could copy the plans as he wanted to build the boat. What happened next is truly amazing. He digitized the plans, bar coded each part, and literally printed the boat from his computer and CNC router. I took him about 18 months to put the boat together and it is beyond stunning! He kept us in the loop along the way and watching the boat go together was amazing. Probably the hardest boat to build. Someone needs to do a story on this boat as it is a brand new original Fairliner Torpedo. He loves it as much as we love our torpedo #32.
      Visiting New Zealand is like visiting heaven, Hawaii, Switzerland, and Alaska at the same time. When you get there you will never want to come home. This is truly an amazing boat!

      • John Lisicich
        John Lisicich says:

        P.s. to my reply. Chris Prier is a really GREAT guy. We were so excited to meet him and see the boat. It’s an amazing built by an amazing man!

  3. KW
    KW says:

    U.S. flags and Nrw York registration numbers; your not trying to pull a fast one on us are you matt. what are the rules down under

  4. tom
    tom says:

    Bottom of the Riva is two-tone.Looks like white paint and possibly varnished from mid to aft? Never saw that before.

    • RivaDella
      RivaDella says:

      White bottom paint to the ‘V’, then dark red bottom paint color to the transom (typically).

  5. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Must be getting cooler in NZ as they have their jackets out. But those beautiful boats…wow. Never get tired of seeing the blue arabian or the Riva, or …..all of them.. I have a question though, what are the wooden braces on the side of the ol fella in the dinghy with the lil ol outboard? Are they brackets for hydroplane wings? 🙂

  6. Steve littin
    Steve littin says:

    K W and others,
    rules for boat registration and titles etc. don’t exist in New Zealand. There are no rules for ownership unless the boat is being used commercially, then it is a whole new set of rules and regulations. Most boats are sold on a bill of sale, and boats purchased from overseas don’t need to remove the prior registration.
    Most responsible boat owners however register their boats with Coast Guard New Zealand for safety and emergency response. This is a volunteer organization in NZ.

    It’s great when government has not got involved in the hobby.

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