Live Life Full Throttle-ish


Mill Creek is an amazing sunrise or sunset ride. Calm, amazing light and Dolphins. Yup.. Amazing location

I used to be a full throttle kinda guy. Yup. And as I mature..ish…okay, I have yet to mature. But learned, the hard way. That full throttle means trouble. So I have slowed down and you know what? Stuff works better. The W loves between 1500 -2300 rpm.

What a morning

Anything more and well. SHIP SEEMS TO HAPPEN. More importantly, I miss a bunch of stuff. Like my sanity and the ability to live in the now, vs living in the Gotta Get There or Get Away From there. the Now. That peaceful time when you can focus on all that’s good.

Two words. Boat Ride! And all hell breaks loose

Oreo just loves to sit and watch the world go by.. slowly

I went out in the morning yesterday and a simple one hour rumble, was what I needed to smile again. Oh not the smile you have on your face, but the one that comes from deep inside. A brief moment of just focusing on the birds, the water, the rumble, and sparkle of deep rich varnish smothered mahogany. AHHHHHH.


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She wanted a boat ride so she got a boat ride! #dogsandboats #dog #boatride #sunrise #classicboating #woodyboater

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Sailors enjoy Mill Creek for the calm anchoring. Until a big block flathead rumbles by. No one complained.

Back out for the birds and peace of NOW!

It’s this special time of year. For many, last run season. The leaves are changing early because of the lack of rain. And the days are getting shorter, so try and get out there just one more time, and this time, throttle down. Enjoy the 1500 rpm life.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It doesn’t get any better than that. Years ago at one of our events at the St. Clair Marina I got down to the boat just before sunrise. It was a gorgeous morning, and even though I knew there were several cruiser guys sleeping on board, I couldn’t stand it. I fired up Water Lily and idled out to the river for one of the best early morning runs ever. When I returned and got back into my slip I saw one of my cruiser friends walking over. He said that the flat head rumble was the nicest alarm clock he could have asked for!

  2. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    Having just found the perfect vintage deck light for my boat, I was wondering why you guys have your deck light in the reverse position when not in use; glass towards you? I bet there’s a very good reason? As per the header photo…

    • Steve L
      Steve L says:

      I’ll bite…
      I leave it that way while towing my boat, to protect the glass and while boating, in case it accidentally gets turned on. I will see it that way.

  3. Dean
    Dean says:

    Good question Cameron. Much like the rear spoiler on the porsche panamera fully deploying at 127 mph to create drag and down pressure the aerodynamic vonmattsmithenburg principle R÷(D×X)+1/361.7=°where R=RPM, D= Dog, X=number of dogs, 361.7 miles from Reedsville to Katz Marine. Equals the decimal degrees of roation of the light to gain maximum speed. Additionally if the light is facing forward Matt is making funny faces at his reflection in the chrome instead of looking where he is going.

    • Cameron
      Cameron says:

      Very interesting. Mine might be missing the section to which that principle applies. I put it on a double switch so the nav lights have to be on, to switch it on. The funny faces could be distracting to a photographer, but I see it on many many boats. Looks kinda wrong.

  4. Matt
    Matt says:

    If you look at the light it has a pointed side. The back side so it’s not a sail blocking. Now this may not be much, but also protects the glass. And yes. Is it on. Another thing is when it’s on I have to remove the bow flag. It blocks the light dead ahead

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