Live The Lyman Life.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-8-00-17-pmFellow Woody Boaters Michelle and Joe Burke have launched a very cool business for all of us Lyman Lovers. This way you can show the world that you are a Lyman Lover and proud of it. Now, some my stop you and ask, whats a Lyman? Well, then you unleash all the virtues of lapstrake construction and how they take deep water great, and so one until they say. Oh its a boat? And slowly another WoodyBoater is converted. Take it away Michelle!


Lyman Life is a collection of official Lyman gear, ranging from shirts and hats to burgees and stickers. We’re Lyman owners ourselves, and we’ve been wanting a way to show our pride and find our fellow Lyman Lifers.

It’s easy when we’re on the boat—if we had a nickel for every time someone yelled, “Hey! My parents had a Lyman!” or something akin to it, well, we’d buy our kids their own Lyman.


We wanted a way to identify one another no matter where we are and what time of year. So we acquired the rights—the burgees, the plaques, the tags, the images, the catalogs—and we launched Lyman Life.

We’ve got a sky-high stack of old catalogs and we’re mining our way through. They are full of photos, ads, blueprints, and headlines that perfectly capture the tradition and the pride of Lyman Life. And we are thrilled to be able to revive those now-vintage images and share them as part of the Lyman Life collection.


Our first assortment of Lyman Life gear and apparel is available now. We’re starting with the basics. Stay tuned as we add more and more, from your favorite, long-forgotten Lyman images and tag lines to some vibrant and contemporary new graphics.

And please, if there’s something you’d like to see us create, by all means let us know.

We know you’ve been waiting for this too.

Welcome to Lyman Life, where The Boat Is Just The Beginning.

-Michelle and Joe


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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    I met Michelle and Joe in Toledo at the Toledo Boat Show this past August. As a result, the Michigan Chapter no carries LYMAN “stuff” in our Ship Store. It is great to have something for the Lyman lovers. ( I grew up on Lymans, married a Chris Craft guy)

  2. WJ GOES
    WJ GOES says:

    Hello, Please update me on the cost of your Lyman coolers.
    Thank you for your time on my request.
    Sincerely. WJG

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