Long Time Fellow Woody Boater Mark C And His Future Bride Emily H Share Thier Engagement Photos On A CC!

Mark and Emily are on their way to live happier ever after. Until there kids need to go to collage and they have to sell all their boats to pay for beer and pizza.

Mark  C and Emily H are on their way to live happier ever after. Until their A+ average  kids need to go to collage and they have to sell all their boats to pay for beer and pizza.

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Mark C and Emily H for sharing these amazing photos of there official engagement photos. Love is certainly in the air up there in Wisconsin. Emily H is stunning and to top that all off, is into restoring her grandpa’s racing hydro soon!  Maybe Emily H stands for Hydro?  Mark C, owns a beautiful 1961 24′ Chris Craft Sportsman and other choice Woody’s.. Thanks to photographer Dustin Waller Link Here.

Mark and now Emily's 1961 24 Sportsman.

Mark and soon to be Emily’s 1961 24 Sportsman.

Emily (Hurd) and Mark (Christensen) dated in high school in Rockford, IL We kept in touch for the last 17 years. We started talking again Jaunary of 2013 and Mark moved back to the Midwest from Sag Harbor, NY to be with her.  They got engaged last December and are getting married this October in her mom’s woods.
Mark and Emily-15

Emily’s grandpa built a racing hydroplane back in the early 1940’s. We JUST pulled it out of the woods last summer and plan to restore that this year. That will be a fun project!!

MArkC Hydro1

The hydro back in the day!


As mark says..”Emily insists that she gets to do most of the work on that one. I guess I’ll have to oblige. I’m a lucky guy!”



Now back to those official engagement photos.. Stunning stuff.
Mark and Emily1
Mark and Emily-30

Mark C

Mark and Emily-32

Mark and Emily-71
Mark and Emily-74
Mark and Emily-99
Mark and Emily-109
Mark and Emily-118
Mark and Emily-135
Thanks to Mark C and Emily H soon to be Emily C on their CC  for sharing these very personal and stunning photos. We all wish you all a very long happy life together.
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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Was the Hydro a modern age Dowery? Looks like Don forgot to cover it.
    How good is Emily at sanding and varnishing? Learn the important things first!!

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thanks for sharing this “engaging” moment with us! Emily will be a stunning bride in October. Good luck in restoring the Hydro, it will be a fun project. Be sure to share her progress.

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Congratulations you two. Boating is a nice way to bond. Glad you share it.

    Next up, wedding photos please. (if you can’t be near the boat, bring a little model. Your photographer can shoot it in the foreground with you folks in the background. We’ll never know the difference.)

  4. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Mark & Emily!!

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! The pictures are wonderful…good planning, Mark! Will both of you be in GL for the Aug. 2 wooden boat show? Hope so!

    Here’s my kid JP ogling your cool hydroplane last fall in Lake Geneva…what a fun family hand-me-down! I know you’ll put her back like new, and any future Christensens will love her, too!

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Looks like nothing that can’t be fixed with a little duct tape and a few coats of varnish. They should have her back racing in no time.

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Beautiful. I’ve taken my boat to two lake weddings so the bride and groom could leave by water, rather than car. And to take photos. Guess which photos they always like the best.

  6. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Come to think of it, marriages are a lot like wood boats.

    They generally are only built to last a few years, but with general maintenance and care, lots of work, the occasional patching, varnishing over, and rebuilding, more time and money than you would like to acknowledge etc. they can be made to last, or at least kept afloat with the aid of a good bucket.

    Hmmmm, but you can’t put your marriage in storage for the winter.

    Ugh, I better stop now before my wife’s lawyer calls…

  7. Sam Hiser
    Sam Hiser says:

    A quick shot from the following weekend at his bachelor party. That’s me driving TIVOLI but I dont know if mark was face up at this moment….

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