Looking For Old Photos Of WECATCHEM! I Know They Are Out There!


Original footage still of WECATCHEM on her delivery day – Lake Winnipesaukee

As we hit our third year of ownership of WECATCHEM, our favorite boat of all time, we have been searching for more about her history. The seller knew some, but not a lot, and considering it had been in that one family since 1948 is a tad sad, but I get it. It was just the boat. Or maybe its just that New England style of privacy. We have been told that all the family photos of the boat were thrown away. yes, I wanted to throw up. Those photos are gold in my book. And a book on the boat is what I was hoping to design.

One of her For Sale Photos up in NH, note the flag.

Bald Peak Water Rats!

This early photo from a for sale site, shows the kind of Ladder and helped me understand the red stool

Another earlier photo

Not sure when these were shot.

So hopefully one day they may find a lost shoe box of photos. Fingers crossed. So I am now reaching out to folks on the lake that may know the boat. It spent its entire life there. And I know she was at the boat shows, and lots of work..well done BTW there. We have reached out to the shop that had done some of the work, and no one responds to emails, or answers the phone? All very strange. We also called emailed Irwin Marine who sold the boat new. Nuth’n.

There she is at Irwin Marine.

Mariah and Thayer IV

Hell we found the secret On Golden Pond boats and this one we know where it was.. AHHHHHHH. So anyone got anything? We would love to hear from you. AND NO ALL FUTURE SMARTASSES, there were not THREE WECATCHEMs.. One for the film, one for the crash scene. I guess I shouldn’t be so greedy, I do have some original footage, and some history, and that is more than most have. but, it never hurts to ask around. Ya never know.

Photo of her at Auction at the Museum from a year before I found her.


Thanks for humoring me, there must be someone that has some fun old photos on the lake. Maybe I am being too greedy. After all we do have some amazing color footage. BTW, we have tried many times, and failed to get a higher resolution of the film to see more details. Dead end.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: While you are at it see if you find any pics of AB. She also was on Winnipesaukee for most of her life (up until now). I was able to contact Irwin Marine and they were VERY helpful since they sold her originally and took her in trade on other boats several times over the first few decades of her life. One block originally was that even though AB is a 1958 model they received and sold her in late 1957. Once I let them know that and her original name the records were right there.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Thanks, I have tried to no avail. I thought for 1948 it was a long shot to have any paper work or records. I have thought it might be fun to bring her home to the show there. Maybe that would inspire some history. Its a stunning lake and wonderful people.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think you are on to something with the three boat theory. There may not be a lot of old photos of WECATCHEM because she wasn’t the main photo boat. What you are really looking for is the other 25 Sportsman that starred in most of the pictures and film reels.

  4. LehrJet
    LehrJet says:

    I feel your pain. Through my own research, I have been able to track down the grandchildren of my boats original owners, in hopes of finding some original photos. They were nice enough to respond to my requests, but to them and their families “it was just a boat” and kept no photos or records.

  5. Mark Bigda
    Mark Bigda says:

    Maybe you could reach out to Randy Rush (Captain Grumpy) ? I think he is from there.

    You could also try the local chapter neacbs.org.

    Hoping to bring Rocket Man up there this summer for the show. They have actually scheduled it well in advance this year.

  6. Sean
    Sean says:

    I am the 3rd owner of Sea-J and I also did a book. The previous owner was an ACBS Member and had quite a few pics to share but, unfortunately, no pics from the original owner and there are no records from Greavette worth speaking of. I did include all provenance I was able to uncover.

    Nevertheless, the whole book making process was a fun one as I was able to chronicle the boats entire restoration, refit, upgrades and re-launch. I gave a copy of the book to her previous owner and I save another (still wrapped) for her next custodian. Have fun.

  7. Bill Hughes
    Bill Hughes says:

    Matt, if you know the name of the family it might be helpful. My wife’s family had a place on the lake and if they knew the family it might be helpful.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Thanks bill, I sent you an email. Not sure if the family wants there info out there and I am respecting that. The boat has been on the lake at the same house its entire life. Was special ordered in 1946, delivered in 48. There were some custom things done to it, and it was part of the last run of old hull design, and the first new design for 48 done. I think according to the stats, the Very first with a padded dash. It also came with a fishing chair on the bow hatch, but have no images as a reference. That may have been done at Irwin marine since there is no reference to it on the build sheet.

  8. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I totally understand and share your curiosity about your old boat…that sort of history is priceless and fun. Maybe a factor though is that when we sell an old boat there is a certain weird sadness and we don’t really want to know the future fate of our baby….so we ditch the photos and etc and move on. I know that is how I feel about selling my cruiser? John in Va.

  9. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Well Matt, I spent some summers on the lake at the Prescott Farm on the Old Oak ( I think) Road just up the hill from Weirs Beach. A Prescott grandson, Charles Pardoe lives nearby in Bethesda. If you can’t find him in the phone book let me know and I’ll get you a street address,
    Also you might want to check with Earl Sheehan who I think is still in the ACBS directory. Earl Judged that show for many years.
    And last, I’m surprised you didn’t get much out of Irwin Marine. I’d try again and ask for Jack Irwin. He was young in 1948 but may remember the boat and would, I’d bet at least be willing to go search some records for you.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Thanks Wilson, I have left enough messages with the folks there. I am not a person that pushes too hard. If they had something, my guess is they know I am looking.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      No idea, it makes no sense. We are not afiliated with Amazon, or any crap like that,. It may be your web host feeding you pop ups. You can kill that in your settings

  10. Pete
    Pete says:

    If you can give me the family name who owned your boat I have some old files on Chris craft I want to look in that I found info on my boat. After I finished Knotty Blonde I have now found the father and son who owned it with some history and photos. Fun stuff and a lot like finding your own origin. It may not all align as you think.

  11. Denis D
    Denis D says:


    Our son has a vacation house on Winnipesaukee and we spend a lot of time there throughout the year. If you PM me some info including the names of the shops that did some work on the boat, I will stop in to talk to them when I get a chance. We are also members of the New Hampshire Boat Museum to which most wooden boat owners on the lake belong so I can inquire there to see if anyone has any info.

    You definitely should bring Wecatchem back for a visit, it’s a fantastic lake.

    Denis D

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U.P.) says:

      Dennis. We had a chance to visit Lake Winnipesaukee last fall. After reading about it on WB we had to go, What a Beautiful lake! We also went to the New Hampshire Boat museum. A great place. The best part of our stay was a ride on The Minnie B a replica 30′ Triple Hacker. What a way to see the Lake. Enjoy the Lake, it is beautiful.!

  12. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    Thanks Mark, it’s our piece of paradise. The Museum’s Hacker the Minnie B, leaving from historic Wolfeboro, is a great way to see the lake. Look us up if you ever make it back.

    Denis D

  13. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Bald Peak is just down the road from Lanes End where you bought her. Almost positive thats Irwins dock with the tubes on it.. If you can send me photos i can blow up i can give you some better hints. Also my daughter is the director of the lake winnipsaukee museum . They have a ton of stuff that you can look thru.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      Dont have photos, the shots in here are from the film Irwin Files. From Irwin marine. Its 8mm so not all that easy to see. I have tried to get a higher res version of the film, but not much help from Irwin

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