Low Cost Chris Craft Corvette Cruiser With Bragging Rights For Around $2,100

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-7-26-51-pmWell, here lies the question? The Model Cruiser for $2,100 or an actual real life size version for a little more? Cruisers are out there in the $5,000 range. Now last week we featured a $90K version, and that made sense. That owner spent over $200K on it. But a $5K version, could end up being a worse deal than the $2,100 version. See, you wont have to sink another $200K into it like you would the $5K one. So in a strange and twisted way, the model could be the way to go. AND, you can take it with you every where.


Don’t need a boat house. You can strip it into real scenes to look like you really own one. This is for your facebook and instagram pals. Its OK, they never look up from there phones or actually do anything, so there is no way they would ever figure it out. You get all the credit for being a Chris Craft guy, and none of the issues.



Join the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club. When they ask you about your boat.. Ya I got a Chris Craft, The Model? A Corvette, ya! Phew just got finished putting it in the water.. ( Bath tub) and got the engines running ( New Batteries) then had to get her in her slip.( OK, unless your are dressing it up with your wife’s underthings??I got nothing here)


Regardless, you still had $2,K of fun owning a 49 inch Chris Craft Cruiser! Wait! 49 inches, dammm thats 4 feet long! Where in the heck is that thing going to be put. Really? Even a cruiser model is a pain in the ass to store! You need a special boat house in your family room. Dear, can you move “YOUR CRUISER” so I can watch Dancing With The Stars” And so it begins.


Actually an amazing model!


Wonderful detail!

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  1. Tom H
    Tom H says:

    Just think about the amount of hours that took to assemble. Probably works out to about 1 or 2 dollars per hour at that rate.
    I think it needs a little rudder repair before launching.

  2. Garry
    Garry says:

    The model might be a little limited but it could be cradled.
    What about virtual reality headger, like in all the Samsung commercials? With that headgear you can have any boat you want plus take it anywhere.
    Just don’t let the Boatress catch you on any of your xcesscapades with virtual girls.

  3. Carl Garmhaus
    Carl Garmhaus says:

    All you need is an inground pool. Build a model boathouse, scale dock, railway system, etc. Plant some trees in pots, get some play sand. the possibilities are endless for summer fun and you don’t even have to leave the backyard.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I finished my Sunnyland registration. After making payment I got a message that because I registered this year’s show will be bigger and better than ever. They must no know me well! 🙂

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    I had a model Constellation…how I got it is a long story as how I got it built….but when done we took it to several shows, put it in the water and had fun with it. When not in use it spent much of it’s time one a conference table in the office where it got a lot of attention. When I stopped managing the Chris Craft Club, it went to Basler and later I heard it went to the current printer of The Brass Bell.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      I remember Vordiman Van Bibber showing me your model and demonstrating its remote control system he built in it. What a beautiful model it was and you let it go>>>>??? Paying it forward I guess.

      • Wilson
        Wilson says:

        Van even built a library in it complete with furniture..It came missing the port side hardware. Van’s daughter is a dental hygienest and he asked me if it would be alright to have the hardware replicated in sterling silver in the dental lab. Sure why not ! .It was a fun and beautiful boat both on the shelf and in the water.

  6. Dennis J Mykols
    Dennis J Mykols says:

    I will take Carl’s thought a step further; have a custom trailer built and take it to Classic Boat Shows. Heck at 4 foot long, you could build a street legal trailer of say 6 feet long. Pull into a show site with that rig, and it would be a show stopper.
    Hmm, hey Ronnie, I got this idea…

  7. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    What year of the big Corvette had the aft cockpit? All the ones I’ve ever seen were like last week’s 99k one where the aft cabin goes right to transom.. I sell a kidney to get a big version of this model!!!

  8. Michael B
    Michael B says:

    That is a quality build.
    In the 80’s we were given a CC model boat similar to our 1951, 34′ Cinnamon Girl by our coast guard boater safety course instructor. We had it ‘restored’ and kept it for years after selling the Cinnamon Girl.
    When we met her current owners, the Carlson’s- PNW CYA members a few years ago we gave them the model. They were surprised and most grateful.

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    And you can also have a barn find model like this one found at an antique dealer with a broken windshield frame on the flybridge but can be remade easily. Such a deal at $225.

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