Made Up News From Clayton.

Early morning Canada caught on fire. It’s okay though, the boats are safe.

Since no real news has come in from the big Clayton show, we thought we would try and do what we do best. Make some up. We did get the wonderful Kent O. Smith Jr photo of SNAIL in the water.

After some transmission issues SNAIL did what she did best! RIDES Kent O. Smith jr Photo

Which is cool and just plain mean since its more of a tease than anything else. Okay, here goes. Will be interesting to see how correct I am.

The featured boats were supposed to be Outdrive boats, but only one could get started. And then broke

Kent trying to figure out his new exhaust pipe lens. He was taking pictures of Outdrive parts that fell in the water.

Don came back to life and did what he did best!

Bortner is there, and thought no one would notice that he is wearing the same shorts as he did a year ago. FASHION FOP AW!

Andy C. Found another time capsule in a dumpster behind a building in Buffalo. After picking out the paper plates and chicken bones, turns out its a very rare utility. Turns out no one in the city knew that the dumpster was there for 50 years and after shaving off the mold, and rotten crap. Her finish is 100% original.

Syd is there AGAIN, been going since a young kid.

The Museum had a flash sale for 10 minutes yesterday offering rare toys for their original prices. The museum was able to make $1.25 after selling $5,000 worth of toys. Hey?

The National Boat Show was in full swing.

The warehouse is planning to fill up the bottom and float all the boats and do battle like back in the Roman Gladiator days. That’s sounds cool

Meanwhile while we wait, Kent is taking pictures.

The Turcott’s are out giving rides like they do yearly in their amazing Gar Woods! DREAM BOAT!

The ACBS HQ is now a T shirt shop. Hey, gotta make the dues somehow


Hopefully you are planning on going. This is one of the shows of the year, always is. Stay tuned for updates from Kent and others. Hopefully I got it kinda right. If you have any news from Clayton, and I mean ANY news, today is your chance to report in the comment section. True or not!

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  1. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    I know that everyone is excited about Clayton this weekend. BUT lets not forget that the 42nd Le Chaneaux Islands Antique and classic Boat show is next Saturday. Aug.10. As always it will be held at the Hessel Bay Marina. Hope to see a lot of you there.

    • Rob
      Rob says:

      … where there are lots of our American cousins. As we say to them as they pass by, “please, less waving, more steering”

  2. Johnny V./John Vyverberg
    Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

    Last night at Bertrands the sidewalk in front of the rooms was Canada and the parking lot was the USA. We managed to get along………………

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