Made Up Part! Chris Craft Post War Thumb Oil Can.

Chris CraftThumb oil can

Welcome to the family!

Thanks to Dave Moore of Northwood Boats who sent us a cool close to matching thumb can. I have yet to find a reference for the correct post war can, and it may have not even ever had been offered.Things got a bit more streamlined after the war. So, I like the idea though of having one on board, so why not just make one up?


Daves can! OK, wait, that didnt sound right. Daves blank can! There thats better!

A little graphics here and there, and bam a lable is made, stuck on the can and we are all set. God only knows what that part number is for, I added a 2 instead of the 1 on the last part of an oil filter from the era.

Chris Craft NOS Oil Filter

Real oil filter, note no two colors and simple italic font. Taller flag to fit.

WoodyBoater_CoffeeMug proof

A low resolution label

Now its not as made up as you may think. I used what I know about graphic standards. Large corporations do this sort of stuff in systems. So the oil stuff would have been similar to the filters. And the type in the flag, simple and utilitarian. Dang, had to google that word. Anyway. It feels like the same family and could be real. My point of view, is if its on board, it should at least feel and look the part.

Thumb oil can team

Fits right in with the family-ish. Kinda like a half sister you didnt know you had… AWKWARD! Sure looks like dads nose. Dad you old dog!

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  1. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    I think I’d like some evidence that they existed Post War before I jump on this idea. But it is cool and it does seem like there should have been. Maybe someone has something that can (LOL) shed some light?

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    The first mate and I picked up two fuel sticks and a couple cases of Brad Penn for our boats last week, and spent two hours with Dave touring his Northwood Boatworks. I felt like Alice in Wonderland being amazed by the parts, boats, engines and shop equipment that kept getting better as we went from building to building. Dave is a great guy, and his knowledge and experience of the classic boat world is amazing. A “must visit” for all WoodyBoaters if you are ever in the Torch Lake area.

  3. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Actually those are considered IBM part numbers and they came along later. XX.XX-XXXXX
    The first numbers were the category and after the dash was the old part number.

  4. Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson says:

    And in 75 years, when your current boat is found rotting in an old boat house by some old fart with more money and dreams than common sense, he is going to see that oil can, and document it, and it will go forth as ‘fact’.

    Personally, I find that great!!

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