Mariners’ Museum Launches New Image Collection Web Page!

Need that perfect old Chris- craft image for your wall? Well, my fellow Woody Boater, you are in luck. The good folks at the mariners Museum have launched there image library on the web. Now you can shop through there collection, and purchase one of those images right here. I have done it and the quality is amazing. So click away and imagine how nice some of there would look all dolled up in a nice frame in your living room. OK your classic boat themed bathroom.. in your garage, Out back..

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  1. DonD
    DonD says:

    All of them?

    Does this mean we can do our research from home?

    Can you search by hull number?

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Sorry Don, but it does not seem to be everything, certainly no hull cards. Also, the search function does not appear to be very useful. I didn’t get any results for most of the models I searched for, but casual browsing confirmed that the images and plans for some of them were in fact there.

    For example, a search for “sportsman” only returned a few pre-war photos, I think of the 29’er. A few clicks later, I was looking at drawings of a 17 Sportsman. While the image was clearly labeled, the file name and metadata didn’t give the search function enough info to identify what was in that drawing.

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