Mark Erbesfield Wants To Date His Boat. Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That!



Fellow Woody Boater Mark Erbesfield got him self a doozy of a cool boat. And John Rothert from VA is no longer alone on Lake Cyborspace with a boat from Argentina. Now, this one is also as cool as Johns. Maybe they can double date?  I will link Johns story below Madonna. Oh ya, she’s here as a special performance. So here is the story and photos from Mark. Take it away Mark, Woodyboaterville is all yours.


I have a new/old boat and I do not know it’s history. The seller, a friend of mine says it is prewar because of the 1941 Fireball 6 engine and trans. And because it is riveted construction. The main reason I am trying to date it is that it does not have a windshield and I want to add one. So hence the prewar/post war dilemma regarding bracket style.

I have seen a number of 19’ Chris Craft Racing Runabouts that look very similar, but these are 1950’s and up, which doesn’t make sense with my engine age. Hoping you can help me or send me to someone that might. All I know, which is little, is supposedly this boat came out of Argentina, but that is only because it was sold at same auction as Eva Peron’s personal belongings and had spark plug wires with the name Argentina on them. Also, the steering wheel is on port side, which is typically European. I have attached a bunch of pics to help you to look at. Thanks for the help.
Mark J. Erbesfield

And now a short tune! Hit it Eva, Madonna Eva.

And here is the link to John Rotherts very cool flathead Argentinian boat.

Thats John and HIS boat, Different boat, showing his better side. But note the boy Cutwater thingy. Same? Also no windshield. Which looks bad ass cool BTW. My vote is NO windshield.

Another view


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Maybe there is a Mariners Museum in Argentina that has “hull cards” on these boats? NOT!

    Cool boat no matter what year it is!

  2. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    The condition is just so clean inside and out! The hardware can also tell a story; the steering wheel looks to be quite modern (from what I can see ) but could easily have been updated, while the navigation light is definitely an older type. A beautiful boat nonetheless. Well done!
    No windscreen if there are no previous screw marks or telltale varnish differences, go Pumas!

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    In the last photo, it looks like there’s a down draft carb sticking up and a single hatch with a carb relief cut in it sticking up either out of the engine room or in the rear cockpit. But in another picture, there’s a closeup of a typical updraft carb configuration. What’s up with that? And then there’s that little piece of hardware in front of the Ga registration numbers on the starboard side only visible in one picture, is that a running light or ??? The rake of the bow stem looks to be more than the 19′ CC Racing Runabout and the covering boards have more slope too which seems to point to a one off creation although CC plans may have been altered for personal preference. Good luck with your search. I’d just run a CC RR windshield, it would be appropriate in my opinion,

  4. Garry
    Garry says:

    Hull design is definitely artwork!! Intake manifold is postwar. Do engine serial numbers match under transmission cover & manifold?

  5. Chuck Grewe
    Chuck Grewe says:

    The last two pictures are not the same boat as pictured above it.
    Different engine, bow piece, bow light and registration numbers.

  6. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Ok, John Rothert here: My boat is very similar and a work of art for sure. I think maybe, after years of research by my amateur self, that she is a so like a Kenel and Perez of Argentina that that must be here builder. They built everything from runabout, racing ones like these two…to big cruisers…all real high quality Questions: does that boat has a ventral speed fin under her? As Matt says mine has a totally rebuilt 1941 cool as crap ford flathead with Argentine manifolds, electronic ig, and the neatest steering system I have ever seen. The cutwater is custom/ in shop made and almost exactly like the one in the photos of the other boat. Please have the owner contact me… to compare and discuss Thanks Matt for posting and the story!
    John in Va.

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Ok, here is my 3rd attempt to post a semi detailed reply:
    My boat is all but exactly the same construction as Mark’s.
    I think these were racing boats made by Kenell and Perez in Argentina. Too close in build characteristics to be anything else. Same cutwater, grating decks, riveted, beautiful lines, a true work of art. Does Mark’s have a speed fin on the keel?
    Both having 1941 engines is another give away. Though mine is a 41 Flathead Ford truck engine…the year is significant because we stopped sending blocks and parts to them that year because of war production needs. That was also the time that we start to see “industria argentina” castings show up in boats and especially Model A Fords…cheap but always just a little off on the fit. I really want to be put in contact with Mark. My email: Thanks Matt for this cool connection!
    John in Va.

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    They all were in the standby que because a link was attached. Now we can see all your typos multiple times! Welcome to my hell. HA

  9. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    ha! not only can I not spell…I can’t even email the guy….returned because I am cyber stupid….oh well….we will work it out….

  10. Eric Tolnes
    Eric Tolnes says:

    If it never had a windshield, DON’T add one! Once you put the screw holes in the wood, you can never go back. Keep it original. Besides, the coolest boats don’t have windshields…. IMHO.

  11. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    I think these two guys escaped to Argentina, missed their Chris-Craft and built that boat.

  12. Mark
    Mark says:

    Come on guys. Work your noodle. I have figured out the builder is Kennel y Perez, probably 😉. Still to be determined is the exact build date. Per another article posted here Kennel y Perez were in business between late 50’s to 80’s. So if this is true we can guess that my boat was built to emulate the 50’s CC Racing Runabout, though I think K y P did a better job with the lines and design. My boat is 16’ vs the CCRR are 19’, but the lines on my boat make it look longer and sleeker than the CC IMO. And what a butt! Yes I am smitten. Oh brother!

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