Maryland Woody Boaters Featured On PBS Segment – Return To The Classics.

MPTV Guys Woody

Clip from Return To The Classics PBS

On Tuesday night on Maryland Public Television some fellow Woody Boaters ate up some of there 15 minutes of fame on the subject of Classic Boating. Now for those of you not tuning into Maryland Public Television, we have the entire show. You can watch the entire thing, It is PBS, so be warned. It can be a slow but educational watch. But at Minute 17:40 the magic happens.

MPTV-Raw Sportsman

Ralph Cattaneo’s 25 Sportsman

And whadya know, there is a 25′ Sportsman featured. Ralph Cattaneo and his next dream boat is a 1948 one! We have all been there Ralph! Ralph talks about DNA and all that stuff.


Long time Woody Boater and great guy, Ebby Dupont and his favorite Chris Craft make an appearance.

There is some footage used from the Irwin Files including WECATCHEM also a 1948 25 Sportsman. Maybe one day they can meet on the bay and dance the Chesapeake Wake Dance. Ralph and Gerorge, she is here in Reedville if you need measurements or details. She is almost all original.


B Roll queen WECATCHEM shows some original magic.


Also featured is George Hazard of Wooden Boat Restoration in Maryland. George does nice work, and get this, is a nice guy! We talked to George yesterday and there will be a follow up on the restoration later in the year. Cool! This is great exposure for the culture of Classic Boating, and helps folks see that there is a wonderful support system for them if they decide to take the plunge into our wonderful world. Here is the show. Remember 17:40 in the magic happens. Or just click HERE and go to the site.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    A well done video, and good representation of what the hobby is all about. Very positive publicity, and I hope it results in saving a few more boats!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    WooHoo! I caught a brief glimpse of Panther on display at the Maritime Museum. St. Michaels was a fun show in a great setting. Finish a day at the show with a trip to the local Wine Tasting room then brewery then rum distillery and then some of the best crabs ever and you don’t care that you’re still wet from pulling the boat!

  3. DudetheDog
    DudetheDog says:

    Words to live by…..”Life’s too short to go out with an ugly boat” “If it’s wood, it’s good”

  4. Danny Buckingham
    Danny Buckingham says:

    Thanks Matt! It’s a great video and glad you could share it. Ebby, George, and Ralph are all great guys and are what makes the hobby fun – good people. We try to have a good time at our show in St. Mikes every year including some good river runs.

    Rick – we met very briefly at the show. Thanks for coming. I was in a black SOV shirt and probably running around like a nut to finish up judging.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Yes I remember that it was comforting to see another WoodyBoater there in a sea of strangers. In short order though I was made to feel right at home there. Fun show and great group of boaters.

  5. Allen
    Allen says:

    Great video. I have been to Georges shop…great guy and craftmanship. The St. Michaels show is a great venue… this pass time.

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