Massive Rare 1926 Dodge Photo Brochure On Ebay. Wait One Second?

1926 Boat Show Photo

Looks like we have another very cool vintage brochure dealer thingamajig for sale on ebay. A very cool set of 1926 Photos and note. If you happen to have this year Dodge Boat, this is a gold mine, if not, well..

Of course we noticed a little something here. Is that?

That’s Horace on the left and Don on the right in case you got them confused like we did? Or is it?

No look closer.. Dang? Is that Don Ploetner? is that where he has been? back in time? Has he gone so far to restore and find a cool boat that he used that dam time machine we keep talking about?

Did he buy that factory pin so he could scoop a Chris Craft? Wow. I dont know, but the Likeness sure is there.

There are a bunch of photos, 42 large photos to be more accurate

You could frame them all and have a shrine

This is a small sample.

Anyway, back to the book of photos. They are cool, not cheap, but great stuff never is. Hey that pin went for over $300, so really this is a bargain.



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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Speaking of time machines and space warps: Sandi and I are watching American Pickers last night and look at that theirs Staib. Only thing is they are calling him Mike. I start texting Jim to ask if he has a brother Mike. He says no, but Mike Wolf and Danny are picking a Drive In in central Illinois. Sandi is going: “It even sounds like him.”
    If this aint Jim’s twin than I would have to guess his father was a “Ramblin Man”.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Woohoo it is the weekend…so our temps are going from 57 to 13 today. The rain should turn into a lovely sheet of ice, soon to be snow covered ice, just in time for getting out and about on the roads for weekend fun. Instead of buying those photos, I think I better save the cash to cover my collision deductible.

    BTW, I am not seeing the resemblance to Don. I think your vision may be a bit wonky perhaps due to insufficient bacon in your diet? Or maybe it is a severe case of Landingcraftlustitis? Gould should probably eat more bacon and buy the landing craft just in case and see if your symptoms don’t improve. Tell the Boatress it is a medical emergency.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      It was bound to come off the rails. There are only about 5 people out there that own Dodge Watercars and probably only one or two of them read WB.

  3. Bill Loose
    Bill Loose says:

    Don was a true gentleman years ago when he piloted my freshly restored Dodge to safety during an evening storm at the Skaneateles Boat Show. He really knows how to chennel his “Horace” when he needs to!!

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