Matte Finish, The Latest Trend At The Auto Shows, mmmm Were I have Seen That Before?

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The latest and coolest in car design, matte finish. 2 years ago the BMW MZ4 coupe was introduced in a matte finish. And now several others have started popping up. The latest and most dramatic is Lamborghini. I have to admit, it’s stunning. Is this new? No, not by a long shot. Is it even automotive? Not sure. We know that hot rods now have a satin finish. It’s all part of the dulled down look. It works by the way. Gives a brand new restored car a old look. But look further back. You might be surprised to see matte finishes on Antique & Classic boats. One of the top boats in the country in fact has a matte finish on her decks. When restoring a boat, Brian Robinson in his research found this little factoid, and suggested the finish, it takes a lot of courage to try such things. Especially when there are countless examples of gloss fests out there. But research indicated a satin finish, on the decks of this very cool 1939 Gar Wood 28′ and so it was done. The result? Well, breath taking, is an understatement. Possibly one of the countless reasons it won so many prestigious awards. It actually makes perfect sense, no reflection to distract ones eye, better traction, no glare, and it hides flaws. Non of this makes sense for the new Lamborghini, but honestly, nothing needs to make sense in a Lamborghini. I’ll take the Gar Wood any day though.

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  1. El Mirage
    El Mirage says:

    Back in the 50’s this trend started because alot of guys could not afford a sweet, high doller paint job. Guys added color to there primer…ala mat finish in color! Now we have rat rods….primered and rusted rods
    As for boats, from what i have seen most of our boats had a mat finish or a not so shiny finish when new. They were never finished with the love and care we lavish on them today. I would take the gar with a mat finish or buffed and gleaming. As for the lamborghini, make mine shinny please!:)

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    They say that if you wax the Lamborginhi you will make it shinny. What a bummer that would be. Also god forbid you get a scratch on the car. It would be a tough job to blend anything. I have a feeling that after the novelty of the finish wears off you would be sick of it on the car. On the boats though it actually serves a purpose..

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