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The office is starting to look better with some more old rugs. Old rugs make me happy, and do offer a bit of floor insulation. The plan is to go buy a Mini split soon for heat.

We have a huge local event happening here on Saturday so all the boats and well… dirt, paint cans, screw drivers all need to be put away or put in the trash. And of course I got to try out the new iphone 14 pro camera. And it’s amazing. BTW, we dont have 5 feet of snow, but it was crispy cold. YIKES!

I officially moved out of the DC apartment and hadd some old stuff to relocate. The rug is a Chinese deco rug from the 40’s and the small red table is a leather case thats been in the family since I was a child. It screams old boatyard doesn’t it?

Back to the workshop, the little roof is done with some small pickups as texture

Lots of small layers of texture add some fun visual surprises

The buffet table is being set up for the event. Using the planer as a table is a fun addition

“B” is tucked away off to the side

The workshop is wide open.

Mr “B”ench is now a outboard bed. This is the original 25hp that was on YipYap. It’s just resting.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looking good. Great party venue. I like the Sons of Varnish t-shirt on the wall in the office, but can’t tell if it’s a Chris Craft Algonac 100 year anniversary edition.
    12 degrees in Michigan this morning. The fireplace is lit!

  2. Brock in Mich.
    Brock in Mich. says:

    Especially like your Model 99 as the MC of your event.
    Just purchased a Model 99. I’m new to the wooden boating scene. Enjoy reading your daily posts and photos and the informative, lighthearted, comical responses. Also appreciated the research you did on the Model 99’s in 2011.

    • ART
      ART says:

      Welcome to the insane asylum.
      I noticed that your new acquisition has a fairly low MC number, 0042 HW, (Michigan’s Historical Watercraft numbers) Do you know the owner history?
      I was part of the Michigan ACBS chapter that requested , and got, HW numbers back in the 80’s, btw which are 1/3 the price of a “regular” boat registration.
      My MC # is 0007 and I knew most of the low numbered HW boats and may know your previous owners.
      Where are you in MI?

      • Brock Horsley
        Brock Horsley says:

        Brock Horsley and I live in Farwell near Mt Pleasant and Clare. I am desperately wanting to find out more of it’s history. Thanks to WoodyBoater’s information in 2011 and some information from Walstrom Marina, it is currently named Chris’-Craft but previously was named Raz-Ma-Taz. Believe it was owned by Robert Smith and tracked down a picture of it at the Traverse City Boat Show in 1999 photographed in a magazine covering the event. Based on your forum, I believe it could be Hull #14000, the prototype, #1, for the Model 99’s and seen in Mr Henkel’s boathouse in the 1970’s.

        • Art Armstrong
          Art Armstrong says:

          Brock I would suggest you contact 2 people 1 Robert Henkel of the Peter Henkel corporation—- engine company. Number 2 Would be Don Kiddle. They both would be in the ACBS directory. Don would have old ACBS directories.
          I will also ask one of my sons who worked for Peter and see if he remembers the boat.
 know the time frame of the name change?

          • Brock Horsley
            Brock Horsley says:

            Thanks. I have sent an email to Robert Henkel last week but haven’t gotten a response yet. I will look up Don. As of 2013 it was still listed as Raz-Ma-Taz in Walstrom marina records. They have a work order 1/12/15 to remove name from transom and paint new name. Walstrom is also in contact with the previous owner for any records they have for me. Thanks for your help. I feel like this boat has an interesting story to tell but don’t they all.

        • Murdock
          Murdock says:

          Indeed, this was Bob Smith’s “Waterloo”.
          He and his wife Betty were dear friends of ours and Bob originally had “Minnow”, which is a 16’ pre-war Utility now owned by the Bradford family over on Pickerel Lake, also extended family of ours.
          Well, long story short, Betty had wanted to do some renovations around their home in Birchwood and Bob had said they had to wait a bit due to tight budgets at the time.
          All of a sudden, Betty saw the article about Bob and Razz-Ma-Tazz’s extensive restoration, so she immediately went out and bought a brand new, full length mink coat!!!
          We had a great deal of fun with those two at Hessel and more for many years and the mink coat was always a topic.
          It originally had a four cylinder and Bob wanted a bit more speed, so that’s how it wound up with the “K”.
          I’m sure I’ve got some pictures of they and my parents, so happy to pass along. Their kids were great and I’m sure they’ve also got history too.
          Just let me know.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Matt, careful on the Minisplit…got several….in that kind of space AC will work better than heat imho? Do lots of research.
    Railway looking great.

    John in Va.

  4. Russ in Colorado
    Russ in Colorado says:

    I have one of the Model 99/199’s referenced in the 2011 “series”. Finally have it water worthy and pretty much to original specs. Even found some blue russeloid upholstery fabric. If either Brock or Matt has any questions, I’ll be glad to help.

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    For a moment I thought my MC number was MC 0042 also, but after checking its actually 0012. How do I get a HW suffix? That’s very cool!

    • ART
      ART says:

      Go to the MI Secretary of state office, I say go to because it’s a “special” request so they will have to look HW up and most of them have never heard of it. As I recall the vessel has to be 25 years old.

      • Steve Anderson from Michigan
        Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

        Thanks Art! Although I really like the – 0012 and just applied it to the boat in June. I would probably end up with a much higher number.

        I will inquire for the next renewal.
        Thanks again!

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