Meanwhile In Deltaville VA Presidential Yacht Headed To Maine


Photo Clif Aimes

We have a trusty reporter on the scene of the big move of Presidential yacht SEQUOIA. She is being taken up North to Belfast Maine on a barge to be restored. This is very exciting news around our Northern Neck of the woods. She has been on the hard in Deltaviile VA, which is about 30 minutes from Our HQ and we are on the scene getting more info. Stay tuned!

The Tug! photo Clif Aimes

Down from here home for a bit while embroiled in a law suit

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  1. Ralph Cattaneo
    Ralph Cattaneo says:

    Are you sure she’s going that far North? I would double check that final destination information. Sure hope it’s wrong. Ralph

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    She is on the barge because her back broke on the railway…hope the talented folks up north get her back to her glory days condition. she was on the hard and saw hard times.

    John in Va

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