Midway Old School Yachting Caps

I have received a mess of emails lately regarding yachting caps. As you know, Lancaster hat Co. closed it’s doors a year ago and we lost a wonderful resource for the real deal. Lancaster was the hat maker to the stars for close to 80 years. They closed there doors because of California employment laws and over seas competition. Well, now what. Well, turns out Midway hat Company has also been around for a looong time in Chicago. And they make captains hats. They are less expensive and faster delivery. And get this, you can buy them one at a time directly. They are not as high end as the Lancaster caps. But not cheap crap either. Here is the link to there site.

One big difference is that if you want the gold boulion, it has to be done as a patch not directly put on the hat.

Here are some images of the factory in Chicago. Fellow woody Boater Chad Durren went on a Woody Boater tour of the facility.


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  1. SS Dave
    SS Dave says:

    Nice looking hat! Still very glad I got in on the last order from Lancaster. (even though I’ve not had the guts to wear it in public )

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Chad and I have talked about it, the ones they sell are on the low end side, you will need to upgrade yours.. Thats what the woody Boater model would be.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    Do these hats expand at all ?

    I assume that after I actually launch my boat and the allocades start coming in that my head will swell a bit.

    Has anyone experienced this ?

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Mark, funny you should ask.

    Mayer experienced that when he “won” the Arabian / XK-19 Shootout last December. His hat actually popped off and would no longer fit!

    It was soon followed by deflation and a terrible case of the DT’s when he tallied up all those loose bribes and hasty promises he made.

    It’s a sad affair. Really it is.

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      Alex, you are a sad, sad man.

      I actually wore my WB hat once while cruising the lake in my Chris Craft and a boat load of kids actually made fun of me. That was a sad day.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    PS. But the now-very-stretched-out hat didn’t resume it’s original size. I understand he now uses it to bail out that very Century. So it’s a happy ending after all.

  6. Samjoe
    Samjoe says:

    I have been trying to buy this hat for over a year, between the Miller Hat Company/Midway Cap Company,
    I could get neither one of them to accept my money,
    and send a hat. What has become of American business.?
    All I could get at Miller Hat was duck and dodge, and Midway
    agreed to sell the hat, but would not answer any more communication, by email and or phone.
    What a way to run a business.

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    I am sorry you have been having trouble. We sadly lost Lancaster hats to a grand son that was no longer interested in doing the business because of over seas competition and california employment laws. The hats had to retail for close to 200 bucks to make it work. I can not help you with midway because it’s a never ending deal to make these deals happen. I am surprised that for some reason or another they are not communicating with you. Are you in the US? Maybe they do not want to deal outside the US?

    • Samjoe
      Samjoe says:

      Hi Matt,
      I’m right here in the good old USA. In fact the middle of Kansas. Heres the one and only email they sent back.
      “Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner
      Our facility was closed for vacation the first week of July
      We can make you a navy yacht cap in a sz 7-1/2
      Delivery would be in about 2 weeks
      You can pay by credit card when the cap is ready to ship
      Please forward exact shipping address for UPS delivery
      We will call you for Credit card info when the cap is ready
      Cost for cap is $50.00
      Plus $15.00 shipping chg
      Let us know if you want to proceed with the order
      Merle Sbertoli”
      According to the website, it was the President himself.
      But after that, nothing.Can’t even get a call back from
      leaving a message with secretary for anybody to call me back.
      800-888-2277 Midway Cap Company

  8. Glen
    Glen says:

    I called Miller Hats on a Monday, ordered my Midway Yacht cap online on Tuesday and it arrived on Saturday via Priority Mail. I called them first to ask a couple of questions and the guy I spoke to was very helpful.

    The current price at Miller is $60 + $7 shipping.

    The Midway cap is no Lancaster- but it is MILES ahead of anything else out there and a quality hat, and it’s made right here in the USA. Love it! I wear mine all the time- I only wish they made them in black!

    San Diego, CA

  9. Glen
    Glen says:

    Forgot to mention, I also had absolutely NO luck with Midway directly. No answer to calls, no response to emails. Absolutely no customer service or response of any kind to numerous attempts at contact.

    Makes you wonder how much business they are losing a year…

  10. Pete
    Pete says:

    Don’t bother, just got the hat, plastic adjustable hatband, plastic weave frame, and plastic shiny visor. Really just a very expensive costume, your better off getting a cap from the local costume store. It’s not a real hat at all. Quite a disappointment for the price.

  11. Jack Fretwell
    Jack Fretwell says:

    I thought I’d found the perfect skipper’s hat at West Marine about fifteen years ago. Bought a white one and a blue one. Blue one’s a little worn, so I’m shopping. West’s current line just doesn’t cut it. Can you send me some photos of your hats?

  12. Jack Fretwell
    Jack Fretwell says:

    I thought I’d found the perfect skipper’s hat at West Marine about fifteen years ago. Bought a white one and a blue one. Blue one’s a little worn, so I’m shopping. West’s current line just doesn’t cut it. Can you send me some photos of your hats?

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